Not-So-Secret Tips For Your Weight and TV

As Americans we watch a lot of TV. The stats say something like the average person watches more than 5 hours of TV per day and will watch 9 years worth of TV in their lifetime! 9 years! Life is already short enough!

Well anyways, I sat down to watch a bit of TV the other day, you know, to do my part as an American, and was shocked by what I finally realized. I was just sitting there watching and then the commercials came on and all of the sudden I had the strongest cravings – for anything and everything, even food I don’t like!

Kit Kats, chips, yogurt, you name it!

I guess actors get the big bucks because they can make anything look good.

I finally leaned over to my husband and said, “I know why we have a problem with obesity! All the commercials are about food!” Duh! I already could have told you that, and you probably could have told me that, but the light bulb just went on and I had an “oh” moment. An incredible “oh” moment. An “oh” moment that made me grateful that I don’t have time to watch TV or I might be 50 pounds heavier than I am “oh” moment. You’ve had one I bet. But even so, I’ll let you in on some not-so-secret tips that will help you and your family stay a far away from that 50 pound gaining experience.

  1. Just Don’t Do It!: No brainer huh? Growing up my mom only allowed us to watch a half-hour of TV each day. Did we always listen? No. Did we get in trouble a lot? You bet. But now that I’m older (and hopefully a bit wiser) I totally understand (and agree) with where she’s coming from. Turn off your TV. That simple. And you and your children will be forced to come up with something else to do. Something that might include a little activity, like playing outside, or you getting those chores done that you’ve been avoiding. Now you won’t experience the fattening commercials or the laziness that accompanies it.
  2. Food & TV Don’t Mix: In an ideal world we might not waste time on the TV, but since we aren’t living that ideal world and we all watch a bit of TV from time to time, it’s best to be aware of what you’re doing. You see, I took my one-year-old to the doctors office and they gave me a handout that said, “don’t let your child eat while watching television”. Brilliant. If only us adults could follow that (then I wouldn’t have eaten all of those M&M’s last night). Why? Because we associate food with a lot of things like memories, feelings, and if we eat while watching TV then we associate food with TV (orboredom as well. Every time the TV comes on we waste an hour of time, eat way past our body’s “full” signal, and consume who knows how many calories! So, spare your family the trouble of gaining weight and don’t eat while watching TV.
  3. Get Up & Get Moving: Okay, your children (or maybe you) want to watch that favorite show. If you’re going to give in, make a compromise: no sitting during the commercials. When I was young and we had to clean up, we thought we were clever and we’d make a deal with our mom: we’d clean as fast as we can during every commercial. My mom loved this win-win situation: during every commercial we were getting work done without complaining (and at a much faster pace), and we got to watch our only show for the day – killing two birds with one stone. Or, get a short workout in by running up and down stairs, doing some push-ups, or even working on your home gym.
  4. Invest: Alright, the whole limiting TV or getting up during commercials ideas aren’t really your cup of tea. Then may I suggest investing in DVR? Skip those commercials, the ones that make you fat, and enjoy the show. It may be a little extra cash, but it might save you some extra pounds and reduce the amount of time you spend on the couch.

Weight loss is all up to you. If you really want to lose weight you need to take a look at your lifestyle. Maybe one of these tips will help you with your weight loss goals, or maybe just make you a bit more productive. Try it. You never know what a little less TV will do for you.

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