The Differences between IPL and Electrolysis

More and more people are opting for permanent hair removal. Techniques for permanent hair removal have existed for over a century and have proven to be incredibly successful. There are many reasons for permanent hair removal, maybe someone is self-conscious about hair on a particular part of their body or maybe it is simply a matter of convenience and ease. Whatever your reason for wanting permanent hair removal it is important to know the difference between what is offered, especially between Intense Pulsed Light options (IPL) and electrolysis.

The first thing many people look at when choosing permanent hair removal is the cost. It can be expensive and the outlay of money is always something at the forefront of someone’s mind. Most people buy sessions of treatment up front and in bulk. When looking at the differences between IPL and electrolysis the most immediate and obvious difference is the cost. Electrolysis on a minute by minute basis appears much cheaper than IPL. Electrolysis uses simpler machinery and importantly in relation to cost its techniques and equipment have been around for a very long time. Both of these factors reduce the time based cost significantly. However there is an important caveat. IPL uses a beam of light to target a number of follicles at one time while electrolysis uses a small needle with electricity running through it to target just one follicle. Where IPL passes over an area multiple times heating all the follicles electrolysis has to hit each follicle one at a time. In the long run the cost difference between electrolysis and IPL will not be much different from each other, depending on the area being treated. Electrolysis’ advantage is if you’re targeting a very small area such as an upper lip or chin, while IPL can deal with a much larger area such as your legs with ease and both are even better when they complement each other. The important part is to discuss a plan with your therapist who can tell you which method, or combination of methods will provide you with the best result.

The other main area of difference is that IPL and electrolysis have different effects on different types of hair. With electrolysis it targets each specific follicle with a charge of electricity and is immediately effective at destroying it. IPL uses intense light to damage the follicle. With IPL the light heats the follicle to cause the damage, this means that IPL works far better on hair that can absorb the light and be heated. IPL is much less effective on light and fair hair than electrolysis is. Most machines are also unable to target red or ginger hair. The most important point about each technique is to go into your meeting with the therapist with an open mind. They will know their equipment very well and can tell you which treatment system is better for you and which will be more effective.

Often the best treatment for many people is to combine the two systems. A six to eight session course of treatment is used on the area with IPL to more effectively cover a large area. When those sessions are finished any stray hair is then targeted with the electrolysis system.

differences between IPL and electrolysis

There are differences between IPL and electrolysis. The person who will know best which will be effective for you is the therapist. That is why finding a therapist you can trust is the most important aspect of any hair removal treatment. Similarly finding a therapist who is aware of the risks and proper skin care, especially in the sun is important. Both IPL and electrolysis treatment require that you look after your skin in the days before and after treatment. If a therapist is not speaking to you about that it should be a warning sign. Being able to be honest about the treatments effects and problems right from the beginning is the best way of ensuring your hair removal treatment works for you.