Summer Slacking: Tips to Keep Braces Looking Great For Back to School

Now that schools in Winnipeg are out for the summer, kids feel like they have all the freedom in the world. You might feel like they’re right as you continue to head out to work every single day. However, don’t let the freedom of a Winnipeg summer take precedence over proper dental hygiene and taking care of braces. Keeping a strong routine throughout the summer is essential in ensuring that those braces are looking great once the back-to-school season rolls around.

Don’t Skip Appointments

With many people in Winnipeg making plans throughout the summer, orthodontist appointments can often fall way down the list of important things to do. However, regular checkups don’t stop being important once the calendar changes over to summer. If your child is due for an orthodontist visit, don’t let your hectic summer schedule get in the way. After all, braces are not cheap. You’ll want to ensure this is the only pair of braces you have to pay for. The best way to make braces last is to be sure to attend all regular appointments.

Keep a Regular Routine

In the list of fun things to do in Winnipeg throughout the summer, flossing and brushing falls near the bottom of the list after playing sports, hanging out with friends, going to Blue Bombers games, and sleeping in. However, just because it ranks low on the list of fun things to do doesn’t mean it can be forgotten. Children have to be kept to their regular dental hygiene routine of flossing and brushing. If not, their next visit to the orthodontists in Winnipeg, may not be a pleasant one.

Limit Candy

In the summertime there is plenty of candy going around. However, just because the month on the calendar has changed; it doesn’t mean the negative effect of candy on braces has changed as well. Sticky, sugary foods can wreak havoc on braces in addition to forming new cavities. Limit treats during the summer to help protect braces. Of course, kids will always get their hands on candy during the summer. As long as parents limit access to candy and make their children keep up with good hygiene, the occasional candy here and there won’t cause any significant damage.

Watch for Loose Brackets or Wires

Just because school is out and summer has finally arrived in Winnipeg doesn’t mean that braces suddenly become invincible. It’s important to always look out for any damage to the braces before it turns into a major issue. Always check for missing or broken brackets as well as broken wires. If a broken bracket or wire is found then call the orthodontist right away so that the problem can be corrected as soon as possible.

Wear a Mouthguard

After a long, gruelling, and cold winter, people in Winnipeg like to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible during the summer. For children, this often means playing sports like soccer, baseball, and football. However, all of these sports carry a risk of being contacted in the mouth area. Contact from another player can not only damage braces but also cause serious injury. It’s advised that people consider having their children fitted for a custom mouthguard that will fit over their teeth. These mouthguards are complimented for being very comfortable and offering the best protection possible.

Pack Extra Floss and Toothbrushes

Heading out for a picnic or road trip is a great summertime family activity for many people in Winnipeg. However, for those with braces, getting food stuck in their braces is like their worst nightmare. Brushing and flossing after every meal is important for everyone, but especially important for those with braces. Before heading out for a picnic, be sure to pack extra dental floss and a toothbrush. It may be easy to remember this if you create a secondary kit that can be taken without much thought or planning.

Have Fun

Most importantly, optometrists want their clients throughout Winnipeg to have fun this summer! The above strategies for maintaining and caring for braces don’t have to be cumbersome. They are all quick tips that can ensure braces last throughout the summer and continue to look good when the back-to-school season rolls around. Of course, if you or your child should have any questions about their braces or how to maintain their condition throughout the summer; call your orthodontist right away. They can put any fears to rest and ensure this summer is a great one!

Photo by monica y garza