Synthetic Urine- Is this REALLY a way to best drug tests?

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is basically a liquid that is artificially produced to replicate the chemical and physical properties of human urine in order to calibrate the urine testing equipment in labs, and it is also used for passing drug test by replacing it with a fake one.

Does Synthetic urine really work for a drug test?

Yes, it does really work! Normally drug testing laboratories do not perform any genetic tests on urine samples. Standard laboratory equipment only checks for certain drugs and whether it has been adulterated. But if you use synthetic urine, you can check the integrity of it by simply buying drug adulteration strips that check the gravity, pH and creatinine level (among other substances) that labs usually check.  If your urine sample gets through the standard integrity test and has a temperature about 90°F and 100°F, you will definitely get through the drug test. But now as labs are more informed about  what is synthetic urine , they can perform additional tests if they have a suspicion.

How to cheat on a drug test using synthetic urine?

Although different brands have different processes, they all work on the same principle. Generally, most synthetic urine kits come with a heating pad to test the temperature along with belts to hide it easily around the waist. It’s quite easy to cheat on a urine test using synthetic urine if you have chosen a reputable product and have followed all the given instructions. Shake the heating pad a few times and attach it to the belt’s bag and then close the clips and cut the tube for the desired length. Then, wrap the belt around your waist and ensure that it is hidden beneath your clothes. Attach it one hour before taking the test. Lastly, once you have the pee cup, unfasten the clips and pour the fake pee in the container. And if you click here, that’s all that needs to be done!

Powdered or Liquid synthetic urine. Which one is better?

In the market you will find synthetic urine in both the powdered as well as liquid form. Many people wonder which one is a better choice. We know about liquid urine, now let’s have a look at powdered urine. It looks, smells and chemically behaves as a drug-free human urine does, and it is in the form of a powder. Rather than using a diluted form of synthetic urine (the liquid form), you can opt for the powdered one and mix it with water prior to the drug test. It is 100 percent human urine that goes through mass dehydration and thus makes it one of the easiest and best ways to pass any kind of drug test.

Dehydrated urine is proven to be 100 percent successful as it is drug free. It retains all the features of urine and is very much identical to real urine, thus giving it accurate results in the calibrating machine. Mixing the powdered urine with water could be a little tricky, so be sure to read the manual carefully that comes with the product.

Other uses of synthetic urine

So, the most common reason for using synthetic urine is for passing a drug test, but what else can synthetic urine be used for? Here are a few other uses of synthetic urine:

  • Animal repellent- Used by garden enthusiasts to keep away rodents from their favorite plants.
  • Pranking- This is an entertaining reason to use synthetic urine. So, if you’re thing of a way to prank some, this could be a pretty sweet idea!
  • Education- Medical students all around the world use synthetic urine to train themselves to conduct clinical experiments and urine analysis.

Final thoughts

It’s great to know that there is a solution to the dreaded drug test – something that is common among many places and environments around the globe. Even though there are other alternatives for passing the drug test (such as chugging water and detoxing), synthetic urine is found to be the most effective and reliable one. Though it’s not 100% precise, mostly you will pass the drug test with flying colors — if it is used correctly. Always remember to purchase a well known brand for this purpose, and ensure that your sample is warm when you hand the pee container over.

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