The 8 Best Fitness Challenges

8.6 million injuries occur each year due to sports and exercise. And, what is the most prevalent activity that leads to these injuries for ages 25 and older? General exercise. This alarming information comes from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and it’s a severe problem that needs mentioning. However, that shouldn’t stop you from engaging in things like fitness challenges.

You need to keep your body in shape. It’s just crucial you take precautions when you do. If you feel like you’ve pulled or strained a muscle, there are fantastic treatments available to help you out. One of the better ones available is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP).

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So, now that you know that exercise is essential and that you need to try and prevent injury, how do you whip yourself into shape? Well, there are eight fitness challenges out there that will test your limits and get you into shape in no time at all.

#1 30-Day Ab Challenge

A monthly challenge, this one tests how long you can work your abs. The abs are a zone that many people always want to work on. Many people want to lose weight and get ripped. While getting ripped has a lot more to do than exercise, the 30 Day Ab Challenge surely gives you a great start. 

It consists of several ab workouts, including planks, hand walkouts, and good old-fashioned crunches. There’s even a section in the workout for V-ups. A V-up occurs when you lie on the ground and raise your legs to your head. At the same time, you raise your back off the ground. A basic explanation is that you look like a “V” when you do it, and they’re tough.

#2 Deadlift More Than 50% of Your Bodyweight

Deadlifting is one of the best fitness challenges because it truly tests your strength. But, be warned that you should only attempt something like this after you’ve been training for a while. A deadlift is hard because it’s literally dead weight. There’s no momentum to help you lift it. 

Instead, it’s just the muscles in your body and pure determination. If you end up accomplishing this feat, it’s truly a remarkable one. Be proud that you did it. Just make sure you use proper technique, so you don’t injure yourself.

#3 30-Day Thigh Challenge

Besides the belly, the thighs are probably the next most popular place that people want to be toned. Lucky for you that there’s a 30-day thigh challenge that tells you exactly what you need to do to get the thighs of your dreams.

This challenge consists of four workouts that you perform every day. You’ll be doing fire hydrants, lunges, squat pulses, and scissors. 

Each one is designed to target your thighs and melt the fat away. Don’t be surprised when, after 30 days, you’ve lost a size or two to your jean size. 

#4 Run a 5K in Under 30-Minutes

If you ask any person who’s into the fitness scene what their least favorite exercise is, more than likely you’re probably going to hear the same answer. And that one answer is running. You easily lose your breath, it makes your legs tired, and it strains muscles are probably just some of the reasons you’ll hear about why people hate it.

However, the best fitness challenges are called “challenges” for a reason. They push you to get out of your comfort zone in more ways than one. But, it’s best to chip away at this challenge. It’s highly doubtful that you’ll wake up tomorrow and be able to run 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) in under 30 minutes.

Instead, work your way up. Start at running for 10 minutes at your own pace. With time, you’ll build up your cardiovascular system, and you’ll be amazed at how long you’ll be able to go.

#5 30-Days of Yoga

Many types of fitness challenges exist, and some of them are rounded into “30 Day” challenges. If you’re looking for the best 30-day fitness challenge, this is one of the best for beginners.

Now, you should be able to find this challenge with several different yoga instructors on the Internet. Whichever one you choose, they will all guide you down the same path. The common link is that you’ll be performing yoga poses every day for 30 days. 

If your body’s not ready for it, you’re definitely going to feel it when first starting. But that’s a good thing. The benefits are staggering, including increasing blood flow and preventing cartilage from breaking down. It’s a fitness challenge that is a little bit out of the norm, but it still belongs to the best fitness challenges out there.

#6 Complete Five Minutes of Jump Rope

Jumping rope is something that you probably did when you were in elementary school. But, it’s not just for kids. It has some fantastic health benefits. Some studies in China have shown that it may even increase bone density. It also has a burn rate of 1,300 calories per hour. 

Jumping rope is also fantastic for the cardiovascular system. Your heart rate elevates, and you work out your legs, calves, glutes, and arms. It’s almost the perfect workout. If you complete five minutes of this, that’s a huge accomplishment. It’s a tough exercise that only the dedicated will be able to complete.

#7 30-Day Plank and Squat Challenge

Planks and squats are two excellent exercises to do if you’re trying to get into shape. This particular 30 Day Challenge involves performing both of these every day for 30 days. The key here is that you perform varying types of planks and squats with different time constraints.

For example, you may perform a side plank for 15 seconds one day and a classic plank for two days the next. 

It changes, so you get a variety of exercises into the workout. Although it involves planks, this could easily be considered the best 30-day squat challenge.

#8 Perform 20 Burpees in a Row

Burpees are part of some of the best fitness challenges for a reason. They engage a lot of muscle groups at once and get your heart rate going. They burn 50% more fat than moderate exercises, so you know you’re in for a serious workout.

To perform a burpee, you’ll go from a standing position down into a plank position. Then, you bring your feet back towards your hands and jump up. Congratulations! You’ve just performed a burpee. Performing one isn’t hard. 20, though, will leave you soaked in sweat.

Challenge Yourself to Change Your Life

Whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly fitness challenge, the positive results will come. It takes some time, but you will get there. The key is to keep at it consistently. Stay consistent, and you’ll be changing your life for the better.