The Most Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Cars make our lives easier, but they also make them more dangerous, being one of the leading death causes all around the world. Today’s cars reach amazing speed, which makes us prone to severe injuries in the event of a car accident. Knowing what to do when you or someone you love is injured in a car accident is very important, so here are the most common injuries you might come across.

Neck injuries

Neck injuries are very common in car accidents, despite all cars have built-in neck protection. The violent movement that takes place during an accident makes your head move forward and backward at high speed. This might damage the ligaments in your neck, leading to a painful sprain. In severe cases, you can suffer a hernia. Neck injuries require a lot of physical therapy and might even require surgery, which can be expensive.

Broken bones

Car injuries can lead to a broken bone and depending on the type of injury, they can be severe. A simple break happens when the bone breaks, but it doesn’t pierce the skin. A more severe break is when the fracture is visible. There are also times when the two pieces of bone need to be brought back together using a special medical feature, due to separating during the car accident.

Most bone fractures heal rather easy, but they do require immediate medical assistance. If you’ve fractured your leg or hand, you might not be able to work for some time.

Other body parts commonly injured in car accidents are the knees and legs. Because they are on the lower part of the car, close to the wheel, in the driver’s case, they are prone to breaks, as well as cuts. Depending on the impact, you might end up with a blocked leg, which requires immediate medical attention to prevent a future gangrene.




Almost all car accidents involve a concussion, as the passengers hit their heads to the wheel, the window or other parts of the car. Most concussions are not severe, but you should get checked, to make sure there is nothing serious.


In more severe cases, concussions are accompanied by skin injuries, as well as vomiting, headaches and general disorientation. In this case, you will need to spend some hours in hospital, so doctors can monitor you. In the case of severe concussions, there is also the risk of brain injury.


Back injuries

Your back is always supported in the car, but it can also suffer a lot of damage in the event of a car accident. The spine is very sensitive and is prone to a wide range of injuries, from minor ones to major ones, which can restrict your mobility for a certain period of time.

The number of the medical bills after a car accident can easily pile up, especially if you have to spend time in the hospital. Knowing your rights and how much coverage can you get from your insurance is very important. Equally important is to act as fast as you can after an accident when you need to ask for compensations.