The Top 4 Causes Of Divorce That Can Be Prevented

For better for worse is always the vow people make when entering into marriage. It is never easy living with someone for the rest of your life, committing your time, body, emotions and future to them but when you get married that is what you are preparing to do.

According to San Diego divorce attorneys, marriage is faced with a lot of issues, some of which push partners into filing for divorce. Some of the causes of divorce, however, can be prevented. Here are the top 4 such causes that couples can prevent:

  1.    Arguments

It is normal for any married couple to have disagreements and argue over certain issues every now and then. But arguments can be unhealthy and toxic if not handled well.

If both the husband and the wife are not willing to accept their errors when confronted and if one or both of them are not willing to change when confronted with an issue, then arguments will escalate to the point where one or both of them can’t take it anymore and the result is divorce.

Arguments can be prevented by employing simple tactics. Reasoning together rather than arguing is a good approach. Accepting mistakes when confronted is important. Talking to each other maturely to solve the problem at hand rather than attacking each other with words is what should be done. Solid communication at all times is the key here, so you should work on improving it. One of the best ways to master it is by learning life coaching and NLP techniques which can help you not only with your partner, but in all other areas of life as well.

If an issue is too big, getting a third party like a counselor will help a great deal. Eliminating bitterness and resentment will kill arguments and create a healthy environment for logical talks.

  1.    Infidelity

Infidelity is practically one of the highest level of betrayal one or both of the married spouses can do to the other. Once a partner in marriage is discovered to be cheating, divorce always takes the first priority. But this can be prevented.

If a partner is unfaithful, coming out and confessing the error before the other spouse discovers it for themselves is a good start. Though it won’t be taken lightly, it is worth doing. Ending the affair and really committing to change and being faithful can restore trust in the marriage and keep the union strong.

  1.    Money Problems

Divorce often happens because of financial issues in a marriage. When there is poor management of money by a spouse or there is a financial crisis such as lack of a source of income or accruing debts, one of the partners could opt out of the marriage and file for a divorce.

Money problems can be prevented. Having a financial plan to manage your finances and being transparent with each other on how you handle every coin will seal every loophole of unaccountability that causes losing trust. Eliminating bad spend habits is also important to cultivate in the marriage.

  1.    Substance Abuse

When a partner in marriage is abusing a drug or alcohol, it can really affect the other partner and the wellbeing of the marriage to the point of divorce. Drugs and alcohol take over an individual and transform the person’s personality, character, and lifestyle all of which when altered hurt the marriage deeply.

But substance abuse can be prevented by enrolling for counseling and treatment. One of the major causes of divorce which should be prevented by all means is alcohol abuse. Here is the link between drinking and divorce and how you can get help if you are addicted to alcohol.