The top fitness apps to use during lockdown

With quarantine restrictions happening all over the world, we are not able to do the things we usually do. We can’t go out to parties or have big gatherings. Going out is also now highly discouraged. Because of this, we can’t normally run or exercise outdoors like we usually can. Even gyms are closed or their openings are limited. Now, we are forced to exercise inside our own houses or flats.

If you have not tried exercising inside your house or room before, this quarantine period will surely make you do it. Getting used to it is quite challenging, especially if the space available is small. However, now is a good time to try, right? 

To help people stay in topnotch shape even during quarantine, fitness apps are being downloaded left and right. They can instruct people what exercises to do and how to do them without face- to- face interaction. People can do the exercises in the comfort of their own home. With that, let us break down some of these fitness apps so you can determine which of them suits you best.

  • Nike Training Club

A fitness app from the brand Nike, this app has short video clips of exercise demonstrations so that you would be able to do the exercises correctly. The exercises are explosive and would get your heart racing in no time. The routine described would also have you do exercises repeatedly with varying intensity. Aside from that, they have some articles about preparing healthy food and drinks.

  • Aaptiv

Unlike the Nike Training Club app, Aaptiv does not have any video demonstrations of the exercises you have to do. Instead, it presents you with audio files you can listen to while doing the exercises. You can pick from a variety of workouts every day depending on what part you want to focus on. Each exercise is voiced by a different trainer giving you instructions.

  • Freeletics

Freeletics is a fitness app that creates a weekly fitness plan for you to follow. It is based on your level of fitness, with each session lating about 40 minutes long. There are varied exercises you can do and they also show a video that will tell you how to properly do the exercises.

  • Fiit

Fiit can be connected to your TV so you can watch the workouts on a bigger screen. In order for you to follow the workouts correctly, they will demonstrate them on the screen step- by- step. The music is also a nice addition and gets you pumped up as you work out.
Exercising at home can be hard at first, but with fitness apps to help you move around, it can become fun. Having a virtual companion cheering you on will boost your morale. Since fitness apps are all the rage right now, fitness app development may pique your interest. Click here for more information about fitness app development.