These home exercises will boost your health – if you have doubts, try them

If you’re not a gym enthusiast and you want to exercise to improve your health, then the gym scene may look intimidating with so many people exposing their bodies and performing exercises you only have seen on YouTube. Using stationary bikes, treadmills, and weight machines is simple, but because this is the first time you workout out, the effort will head you straight to your couch because they’ll leave you sore for days. 

The sure-fire way to attack a simple but effective fitness regimen is to exercise at home. This way, you keep the fuss to a minimum and train at your own pace. In time, you’ll figure out what exercises work for you, which ones you prefer, and which ones you hate. 


Add to your workout routine exercises that improve your balance. Lunges challenge your balance, improve functional movement, and increase strength in glutes and legs. Complete three sets of 10 lunges for each leg for maximum results. As you gain more experience, perform lunges while holding weights. 


Squats are great if you want to boost your core and lower body strength because they engage the most massive muscles in your body. They also improve your flexibility while working the lower back and burning calories. Remember to keep your chin and chest up while you squat. For the first set, you can use a chair to help you figure out the right position. 

Dumbbell rows

For this exercise, purchase home gym equipment because you need to use 10-pound dumbbells. Dumbbell rows not only make your back look sexier, but they also strengthen your upper body muscles. If 10-pound dumbbells are too heavy, try lighter ones. Grab one in each hand and bend forward your waist to keep your back at a 45-degrees angle to the ground. 

Single-leg deadlifts

This exercise is excellent for both men and women because it challenges balance. It may take some time to perform it correctly because it requires leg strength and stability. At the start, you can do it without dumbbells, but as you gain experience, use light to moderate weights. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg. 

Side planks

Planks seem simple, but they require a strong core to maintain the position for more than 10 seconds. A healthy body needs a strong core, so you shouldn’t skip this exercise from your workout. While you plank, focus on the connection between your muscles and mind and try to control the movements. 


This exercise combines strength with cardio. You’ll probably hate it at the beginning because it exhausts you. It works your entire body and improves muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

The perfect burpee includes a squat, a pushup, and a jump. One rep consists of a combination of exercises, so you need to focus on remembering how to perform them correctly. Three sets of 10 reps are enough for a beginner. 

If you need help with finding the right posture for each exercise, many fitness enthusiasts share their home workout on their social media accounts, so it’s easy to find inspiration.