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Things You Should Do Before You Start Your Workout Sessions

The importance of pre-workout preparation cannot be overemphasized. Doing the right things before, during, and after a workout is the difference between an effective workout routine and an ineffective one.

Want to achieve a more effective workout routine? Then try some of the tips below on things to do before your workout sessions. 

5 Things To Do Before Your Workout Sessions

1. Get Adequate Sleep

The body can’t function effectively without adequate sleep; this is because some bodily functions only become activated once you are asleep. When you get sufficient sleep, you boost your energy level, and higher energy levels make your workout more effective. Therefore, proper sleep is not only crucial before a workout, but it is also essential after your sessions. 

Besides, adequate sleep after a workout helps the muscles recover faster hence sleep helps the body relax enough to replenish the energy lost from daily activities such as workout. 

The ideal sleep duration for the body to replenish every loss is about 8-9 hours. You should endeavor to sleep for at least six and a half hours to restore your body’s vitality. To achieve greater results with your workout sessions, you need to get adequate sleep. 

2. Drink Enough Water 

Water performs wondrous functions in the body, which is why doctors always advise people to stay hydrated. Just like a car can’t function without fuel, the body can’t function without water. This is because water helps boost and maintain the body’s energy level. Asides that, water also helps you detoxify your body system. 

It is crucial for you to drink water before, during, and after your workout routine, because as you are sweating during the workout session, you are losing water. If you become dehydrated without replenishing, you would feel weak.

Even though you need a lot of water for proper hydration, you should not drink excessive amounts of water before your workout. 

First, it would decrease the salt in the blood, causing a reduction in your energy. Second, drinking an excessive amount of water before and during a workout would make you feel too full and heavy to carry out your workout routine effectively and productively.

To be on the safe end, drink just about 2-3 glasses of water within 30 minutes to 1 hour before your workout. In between exercise, limit drinking of water only when you feel very thirsty. After the workout, you can drink as much water as you want. For more informative pre-workout content, head to the pre-workout article on Rave Reviews

3. Eat Well

Although a lot of people do it, however, it is not advisable to work out on an empty stomach. Food is the body’s fuel; without it, the body can’t function effectively. 

When you start your workout routine without eating, you reduce the effectiveness of your workout. This is because your body won’t have the stamina to perform diverse workout routines. The ideal time to eat before a workout is about 30 minutes to about 1 hour before the workout. 

It is advisable to eat at this time so that you won’t feel too full before your workout, which can affect your performance. It is better to eat foods like nuts, cereal, banana, egg, or a slice of bread before the workout session. For people who are into pre-workout supplements, this may also be the time to take it, before heading to the gym. 

Avoid fried, fatty, or heavy foods before your workout. These foods are slow to digest, so they will remain in your stomach for a more extended period and can lower your performance levels. 

4. Prepare Your Workout Gear

You need the right workout clothing to have a productive workout session. You should be able to move comfortably and with ease in your chosen athletic wear. In case you are going for a long run, you should wear comfortable sneakers. For yoga, you might prefer a fitted but stretchy yoga pants and a sports bra for flexibility and mobility.

Other than the right sportswear, you also need a towel and a water bottle. Since bodily fluids are leaving your body in the form of sweat, you will need to replenish it by drinking enough water. 

Another thing you will want to add is music. To enjoy yourself while working out, you might need to have your iPod and headset close by to have a fun time with great songs while working out. 

It is advisable to get all workout gear ready before the workout, this will ensure that you don’t forget anything, and you also don’t end up rushing the pre-workout process. 

5. Do Your Warmups

Before you start your workout, you should ensure to do warmups. This is so the entire body can loosen up, particularly the joints and muscles. Also, the warmups would prepare your heart for the blood rush associated with the subsequent workout; this would boost your workout performance and help you achieve results faster. 

It is not necessary you sweat during warmups, it aims to get your body pumped up for the subsequent task- the workout. Not warming your body up before your workout could be dangerous, especially if you plan to take up a hectic workout session. You can walk or jog for about 10 – 15 minutes, or you could try a minimal stretch routine. 


As much as you would love to pump so much energy into your workout routine, you need to realize that what you do before your workout routine is as important as the workout itself. To complement your workout, remember to stay hydrated, sleep well, eat, prepare your workout gear, and of course, do your warmups.