Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Over The Holidays

From getting active to keeping your mental health in check here are a few tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the sometimes-tricky holiday season.

Get Active
This can be a stressful time for many so don’t neglect your exercise routine. Even a brisk walk can do wonders for your stress levels and spending time in nature is the perfect antidote to stress.

Find out what nature activities you can do in your area such as visiting parks, nature reserves or botanical gardens. Get the kids involved by going bird watching or plant spotting. Make a list and see how many you can tick off!

Stick to a routine
Sometimes during the holidays routine can be lost, which can be a blessing but also a curse. Try to keep some form of routine by eating at the same times every day. This will help you to add some structure to your day and stop you overeating on all those delicious holiday goodies in-between.  

Treat yourself once a week
Instead of bingeing on rich food and sweet treats for days on end opt for one day a week in the holiday period where you indulge in all your favourite things. This will help you to monitor what you are consuming more easily. Remember to eat slowly and be careful with sauces, only have a little.

Once the holidays have passed you may feel you need a detox. There are simple ways to do this gently and effectively, don’t go on sudden fad diets. These do more damage in the long run. Visit for all your supplement needs and for more health advice.

Stock the freezer
The best way to avoid takeaways and junk food during the holiday season is to have some meals ready-made in your freezer for when hunger strikes.

You can make stews and freeze them so that’s it’s easy to reach for when you need it. You can even make a whole batch of pancakes and freeze them for a quick meal in minutes. For a savoury pancake, all you need to add is some mince and a nice white sauce.

Be mindful with technology
When you’re spending time with loved ones don’t reach for your phone. Be mindful of how you use technology.

If you’re in a restaurant try to keep your phone in your handbag or pocket and focus on the people with you. Creating meaningful connections does wonders for our overall health and strengthens the relationships we have with the people we care about the most.  

Do some gardening
There’s nothing as de-stressing and fun as gardening your holiday blues away. You’ll work off some extra calories and by the end of the holidays you could have a fully transformed garden. Welcome in the new year with plenty of pretty blooms and happily growing plants.

Get the kids involved and take a trip to your local garden centre. They will love the adventure and picking their own plant selection. A good choice is an easy-to-grow vegetable such as a tomato plant or berries.

Don’t neglect your mental health
The holiday season can be a difficult time for some people. Family may be living far away or in another country and it can become lonely if others are celebrating with their families.

Be kind to yourself, don’t neglect your mental health during the holidays and try to reach out to friends or join groups that may be meeting up during that time. Don’t suffer alone.

A gratitude list, or even journaling, can be a positive activity to do for yourself or with your children and loved ones. By practising gratitude, we are bringing attention to the good in our lives. Particularly during the holiday season, this is an activity that can help you refocus if you’re feeling stressed and under pressure.

Setting goals, even small ones, can also help to ease the feeling of loneliness during the holiday celebrations. Pamper yourself with a warm bath and a room filled with soothing fragrances. Create a self-compassion list of all the things that have been worthy in your life. Do something unexpected and special for another person who may also need some TLC.