Ways Children and Young Adults can Contribute to the World

The world is a busy place, and at times it can seem very chaotic. Depending on how you view things, the world can be a drastically different place than others would see it. An opinion can be a beast to one person, and a small dog to another. Nowadays, you shape your own reality based on how you see things. This can make everything seem unorganized, scary, and covered in chaos. It can almost seem unreachable. Something that can only be changed by adults, or specifically adults with a high status. But that’s not the reality of things, and if you have the dedication, even children and young adults can have a huge impact on the way the world works. 

Children save lives every day, by participating in studies designed to improve child resistant packaging, they can save numerous lives, all by contributing a small amount of their time to research efforts. This can also be done by contributing time to medicinal studies, this is a nearly limitless field, where you can dedicate time to sleep studies, or by testing different methods of delivery or treatment. 

Of course the only way to contribute to the world doesn’t necessarily have to be by participating in life saving studies, but it can be individual work as well. Publicly voicing opinions is powerful for everyone, and hearing it from children and young adults can make it all too real for adults and world leaders. Many minors around the world have also made significant technological advancements that have shaped, and will continue to shape today’s world. When you put your mind to something and dedicate enough time and willpower to it, you can be successful, and change the world. No matter what age you are, or where you come from.