What Are Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are infections people get while getting other healthcare that they need.  For example, if you go to the walk-in clinic for a broken finger and a few weeks later you come down with the flu.  Healthcare-associated infections are more common than you might think.  However, it is important to note that these could be prevented with some precautions in place.  These precautions are as simple as what your grandmother would tell you.  Always wash your hands before eating.   

Good hygiene has never made more sense in the world today.  Taking a minute to wash your hands or use some hand sanitizer before leaving the facility only makes sense.  Also, when at the facility, touch very few things.  Small children want to run over to the seating area and touch everything.  However, this is not a good idea.  Don’t let your children touch everything they see in their path in places such as hospitals, walk-in clinics or any type of medical facility as HAI causing pathogens could be on any surface.

When going up and down the stairs or escalators, remember that if you don’t have to touch the railing, then well, don’t.  This will prevent you from touching things that many others have touched and help to not pick up every HAI causing pathogens along the way.  If you are looking to improve your chances of not getting sick after a simple routine check-up, then you should be aware of your surroundings and try to not touch everything. 

Clean your Phone to avoid HAI pathogens

Also, be sure that you leave your phone in your pocket.  Should you have to use your phone while in the office, it too needs to be wiped clean afterward. Our phones can carry lots of HAI causing pathogens.  However, you don’t read or hear a lot about this.  You should take a minute and wipe down your phone to clean off the screen.  We carry them just about everywhere with us, so it only makes sense that they should be cleaned thoroughly.  

If you are a patient for dialysis or chemo then you know that you will be in a healthcare facility quite a bit.  While they are thoroughly cleaned often, that doesn’t mean that you should take your chances.  HAI pathogens are everywhere, not just in hospitals and clinics.  So, when you are out in public you need to be aware of everything that you are touching. Be sure when you come home that you wash your hands.  Also, taking your shoes off at the door is another way to not spread HAI pathogens.  

Make no mistake, that HAI pathogens can be harmful, it is not a reason to avoid living your life.  Take precautions, wash your hands, and try not to touch everything is the motto to live by.  We were armed with an immune system that is ready to keep you safe if you let it.  If you have a compromised immune system then you simply need to be sure that you take extra precautions and wash up before leaving and entering your car.  Always wash your hands before cooking or eating.  Stay safe and stay healthy.