4 Ways A New Mattress Can Improve Chronic Back Pain

Anyone who suffers from chronic lower back pain typically has trouble sleeping. Many people can stay awake for hours each night due to a significant amount of pain. Finding relief is crucial as there will be a greater chance of developing other health problems. One of the best options to reduce pain when sleeping is to get a new mattress.

The Basics

A new mattress will provide many benefits to individuals suffering from chronic back pain. One aspect to keep in mind is the different ways a new mattress will provide relief. Anyone who is looking to have a new mattress for their bed needs to review a few basic factors. We spend one-third of our life sleeping and people who suffer from lower back pain may need to invest in a new mattress.


A best mattress under 500 will need to provide support for an individual from their head to their toes. If anyone is having frequent back pain, then they may not be getting the proper support. The waist is one part of the body that can create a gap between the mattress and the body. A new mattress may be too firm and may create uncomfortable pressure. The best thing to do when looking for a new mattress is to see if there is proper support to alleviate the pressure on the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

When your spine is not in alignment, it’s going to cause pain sooner or later, here is a suggested list of back soreness mattresses.


The best way to determine if a mattress will be comfortable is to try it out. There are many options a consumer has to consider when they suffer from chronic back pain. One of the most important aspects of mattress shopping is to lay on a mattress for five to ten minutes. This is enough time to see if there is adequate comfort. If a comfortable position cannot be found, then look for another mattress.


Individuals need to have a mattress that is big enough when stretching and rolling over. This is also the main aspect to keep in mind for married couples. Many times a new position is needed to lower pain in the back. Another factor to consider is a transfer of movement when a partner moves around. Any individual sleeping soundly in bed should not feel any motion when a partner gets out of bed.


People who are unable to replace the mattress on their bed will need another alternative. One option for people with chronic back pain is to use a mattress topper. There are many types of toppers for beds that can help reduce back pain. The best option is to use a topper made from memory foam. Another option is to find a down-filled topper. A consumer may also want to have a mattress topper for use with a new mattress for increased comfort.

A mattress will provide proper comfort and support for five to eight years. Any change that occurs with an individual, such as increased weight is another reason to upgrade to a new mattress. One aspect of a new mattress that should not be overlooked is a supportive pillow. There are many options and features available with a new mattress that will help limit back pain and enhance comfort.

Today;s guest post was written by John Monts, professional writer at Saatva. John is currently a student at UC Davis, studying Political Science and Economics.