5 Benefits Of Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are oils which contain strongly aromatic compounds derived from plants. These oils, which range from lavender and sandalwood to orange and rose, are used to help people relax, and to decompress after stressful days. However, essential oil use also comes with a number of other benefits as well. Benefits like:

1. Relaxation

The main reason that most people use essential oils at all is for getting rid of stress. Each person’s individual tastes might vary, but essential oil use in aromatherapy has been shown to decrease stress, and to help individuals feel more relaxed afterward. The additional benefit is that this also leads to better sleep, and fewer physical problems caused by stress.

2. Pain Relief

When applied to the skin and rubbed in, salves containing essential oils can act as pain killers. The oils penetrate the skin, and they can help soothe burns, dryness, rashes, and muscle pains from exertion or minor spraining. While essential oils are not up to taking on serious wounds, they can help those who suffer from low-level but recurring pain. They are often used as an alternative to medication, particularly for individuals who prefer to user more natural methods of pain relief.

3. Killing Unwanted Bacteria

Individuals who suffer from skin conditions like acne, or even eczema, may find that essential oils can help reduce flare ups and allow them to live more normal lives. Regular use of essential oils, or use of natural soaps which include essential oils, will result in skin that’s more nourished, but which is also free of bacteria that can lead to rashes, breakouts, pimples, and aggravating circumstances that can lead to break outs for those who live every day with skin conditions.

4. All Natural

Essential oils are derived from plants, and though it can take a large amount of petals to fill a single, small bottle, the oil is completely natural. While synthetic essential oils do exist, natural oils are 100% organic. This means that, unless a person has an allergy to the plant the oils are derived from, there’s no worry about reactions to the oil either. This is particularly helpful for people who have very sensitive skin, and who want to avoid entanglements with chemical preservatives and other materials often found in the laundry list of mass-produced moisturizers.

5. Essential Oils Help Lock in Moisture

While the oils provide moisture to someone’s skin, they also help lock that moisture in. This makes them an invaluable material to use in dry places, or in colder months where there is simply less humidity in the air. For those who have trouble keeping their skin healthy, these oils provide a wide variety of benefits.

Essential oils also go a long way in a single bottle. With so many different options, scents, and styles out there, it’s important for people to research which essential oils they’ll be using and to ensure they take the oils for a test run first. Once everything’s checked out and the individual is happy with the results though, the essential oils in question can be made part of a regular routine.

Zoe White is a professioanl writer at 21Drops.com. She is a southern California native who loves the beach, sports, and trying new foods.