5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

If you are like most Americans, you hide your scale from the end of November to January, and resolve to repent of all of your holiday indiscretions. Not only is this attitude unhealthy, it also burdens your holidays with a lot of guilt. If you are looking for a way to escape the guilt and the weight gain this holiday season, here are a couple tips that could help you:

Avoid Temptation:

You will find that the moment you go on any diet that everyone makes your favorite food, and offers you your favorite dessert. Especially during the holidays, social dinners, parties, and treat filled break rooms can tempt even the most resolved dieters. If you know you will have a really hard time avoiding the snacks at the party or work, find an accountability partner and make sure you set daily goals.

Arrive Full:

Before you show up at that Christmas party that your friends are throwing, be sure to grab a healthy, filling snack like fruits, vegetables, or even a meal replacement shake powder. If you arrive full it will be easier to not overeat and have too much unhealthy food. If you do want to snack, stick to the veggie platter, and avoid the meats and cheeses. You will thank yourself later when your pants still fit, and you don’t have to fight the guilt.

Reduce Peer pressure:

Many times holiday overeating is a result of our inability to say “no.” Well meaning friends will want you try different recipes they made, and it can be difficult to turn them down without offending them. If you want to reduce this pressure from friends and family, try to explain to them that you are already full, or that you are saving space to try it later with a full meal. This will give you more portion control if anything.

Reduce Stress:

The holiday food isn’t the only thing that could add to your waistline this winter. Stress from end of year projects at work, and holiday spending at home can make you stress eat, and the extra cortisone in your system will make sure that weight sticks around for a while. Try to simplify and plan as much as you can during the holidays to reduce stress. Plan some good relaxation time for yourself, and make sure that you aren’t trying to do too much. The less stress you feel the more you’ll be able to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy this time with your family and friends.

Fight the Cold Weather:

Cold weather can be a pretty big deterrent to make that early morning trip to the gym, and when you are spending more time indoors it can be easier to eat more. Your body naturally wants to put on weight as the weather gets colder, in a biological reaction similar to hibernation. A good schedule and an accountability partner will help you to stay on board, and keep your fitness level up. Especially when the weather gets colder look to add more cardio workouts to your exercise. Find ways to look forward to your workouts and you will beat the cold.

The holidays are meant to celebrate good times with friends and family. Plan effective strategies so you can savor the moments without busting your waistline. Maintaining your fitness goals will give you even more reasons for holiday cheer!