8 Easy Ways Of Getting In Shape Before Your Sister’s Marriage

Being fit and healthy is like the end result of a long journey where you might have to face significant hurdles in the form of tempting food and giving up on your exercise routine for enjoying a laidback weekend. But once you start attaining visible results, you are bound to be boosted up for getting in shape. Today we are going to discuss eight easy ways which can be implemented in your daily life schedule for getting into shape before it’s too late to try out those latest dress trends in your sister’s marriage.

  • As the experts say, health begins at home and you can easily transform your home into a fitter place by making some simple alterations here and there. You can leave a set of dumbbells next to your microwave for doing curls while heating up dinner. A yoga mat can be placed next to your bed to do some push-ups before going to bed and once you wake up. A resistance band can be hung on the bathroom doorknob for helping you in getting your daily quota of strength-training filled while you wait patiently for the tub to fill up. You can even engage your core by using a stability ball as a desk chair while scanning through some work files or paying your bills.
  • Placing yourself in inconvenient situations can trigger your weight loss drive. Thus, rather than standing on escalators hit the stairs and walk your way to office if it’s a few blocks away rather than taking a bus or metro. You can also run small errands by yourself rather than seeking the help of your office peon as that would bring a break to your sedentary lifestyle.
  • We completely understand that given your hectic work schedule, you would rather enjoy a date night at a soothing restaurant with your beloved rather than cooking up the meal in your house and going grocery shopping the previous day. But think of the brighter side here; you can engage in cooking along with your partner and spend some quality time together. And once you are done gorging on the food, you can even go for a brisk walk in the neighborhood park hand in hand.
  • Swap your weekend Netflix binge watching sessions with the fitness DVDs to work up a sweat and utilize your time in the most productive manner. If you have gym equipment in your house, then you can slide the same to your drawing room for following the instructions of the experts in a better manner.
  • The best fitness tracker can keep count of your progress and motivate you for keeping it that way. While the simple ones’ measure just steps, advanced models can keep track of distance covered, calories burned and much more.
  • While planning your holiday trips, opt for the ones involving physical activities such as ice-skating, hiking or camping rather than a sea cruise as the former can actually burn away some calories while you engage in all that fun and frolic.
  • When was the last time you missed your work meeting or even a movie date just for the sake of laying around in your couch? It also shouldn’t be any different with your workout plan! You can write down your workout plan and place the same in the dining hall so that you can take a look at the same whenever you think of gorging on a brownie.
  • Start coaching your kid by putting your athletic skills to good use. While you run laps, or sweat it out over soccer, you heart rate is bound to increase. This technique can particularly suffice those people who find treadmill to be an extremely boring affair.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and shed away those extra calories, it is extremely important to have consistency and look at the bigger picture rather than getting depressed over trifle matters. Also, go slow and steady while making changes as opting for too many alterations over a short span of time can actually derail your from your end goal.