9 Amazing Health and Social Benefits of Skateboarding

Skating is increasingly becoming a popular sport. The streets and sidewalks are now witnessing skateboarding as a culture and a lifestyle. 

From this, we can tell that there are plenty of health and social benefits associated. That is why it keeps attracting many people from year to year. 

In this article, we shall discuss the nine fantastic health and social benefits of skateboarding. Read along!

Social Benefits of Skateboarding

  • Job perk 

Skating allows you to break the monotony of sitting in the office and staring at the screen. It gives you the freedom to have a creative break session and relax your mind. 

Furthermore, you could think of training your newbie colleagues on how to skate. Through this, you’ll make a community and earn some coins out of it. 

  • Skills Transfer

Skateboarding will equip you with multiple skills. The skills may be transferable to other sports like wakeboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. 

For instance, when surfing on the ocean shores with friends, your skateboarding skills will help you know how to escape the waves. 

In another example, when the snow begins to melt in your streets, your skating skills will help you to maneuver through the hurdles safely and smoothly. 

  • Make Friends

While skating on the streets or in a park, you’ll be shocked by the number of friends you’ll make in a few minutes. Even the anonymous will join you, and soon enough, you’ll form a community. 

Overall, skaters are more likely to have many friends and new relations than other sports enthusiasts. 

  • It Is a Funny Exercise

It is a sad moment watching your friend fall with skates. But if you’re the one in the scene, it becomes funny. This is especially true for newbies. 

Try using your board from Thrill Appeal as a dumble. Place it on your hand then push it either upwards or downwards. Watch the results – funny indeed! Do this with your friends, and you’ll laugh your heart out. 

Health Benefits of Skateboarding

  • Healthy Mental State

Skateboarding will make you a super multi-tasker as it helps you to think clearly. The secrets is in knowing the hows. With this, you’ll flawlessly find it easy to carry out other activities like cycling, driving, swimming, ice skating, rollerblading, etc. 

A healthy mental state comes from a clutter-free mind and is achieved through regular and consistent skateboarding.

  • Stress Relief

Skateboarding is a powerful way of relieving stress as it takes your mind off anxiety and worries. The sport brings your thoughts into perspective. This, in turn, makes you feel more relaxed than ever. 

Being in a stress-free state will help you conquer the many life problems and still emerge a victor. 

  • Physical Endurance

You must have heard the skiing motto that states, “skate all night and all day.” Long hour skating may indeed wear you out, but still, give you a robust physical endurance. 

The more you skateboard, the more you’ll build up a vibrant physique. This happens less in other sports, and that is why skateboarding still boasts a competitive advantage. 

  • Overall Fitness

Looking for a simple yet effective way of burning calories and achieving a superb shape? Skateboarding has got you covered! 

It is not easy to calculate the exact calories burnt when skating since you might be skating harder in some days than others.

 Notes from Harvard Medical School explain that people weighing 185, 155, and 125 pounds can burn 222, 186, and 150 calories respectively, in a half-hour skateboarding session. 

  • Pain Tolerance

Scars, scrapes, and aches are some of the injuries that you’re likely to encounter when skateboarding. You’ll fall off, rise, and fall off again. All these downfalls will make you a pain-tolerant person. 

So, it’s too early to get discouraged!