A Community of Sympathy and Support: Online Help for Anxiety

Anxiety is as much as a source of physical distress as it is a sign of psychological trauma. That assertion rests on a foundation of facts and studies, of testimony from doctors and patients alike. It is a statement of truth, which too many know all too well.

For these reasons, I know how crucial it is to educate the public about this issue. I understand the urgency of expanding care, increasing access to trained mental health professionals, and creating a community where people can discuss this subject with a sense of security, trust and discretion.

I applaud a site like Open Forest for taking the lead on this matter, because we need more news and assistance to treat anxiety. We need more transparency about the severity of this disorder. We need to reduce, if not end, the isolation too many people experience concerning this challenge. We need to confront the despair too many men and women feel, in which hope seems so, tragically, hopeless.

Let me also take this opportunity to salute those individuals who continue to make it their mission to treat anxiety. These people are a source of inspiration and courage, now and forevermore.

We can lessen the effects of anxiety, provided we have a frank conversation about the seriousness of this condition; provided we invite the community to form an online community for the good of treating this condition; provided we offer information of value and defend the values we hold dear; provided we never lose sight of the size of this challenge and the scope of our mission.

We have a right to enjoy our physical and mental health.

We have a right to know more – to do more – so anxiety does not control us.

We have a right to happiness, a liberty we should pursue with dedication and strength.

We have a right to do right, in an open and safe environment.