unhappy young woman sitting beside the bed

Can Yoga Improve Happiness?

There are many benefits to doing yoga and staying fit. Wellness experts like Helen Schifter use their yoga practices to improve their happiness. There are so many different ways to become a happier person through yoga practices. Lots of people have stereotypes around these practices, but that’s usually because they’ve never tried it. 

When a person has a very stressful day, there are so many ways to decompress. Yoga allows a person’s spirit to calm down and happier thoughts to arise. By stretching the body to physical capacity, the muscles are forced to relax and tensions fall. The way to improve mindfulness is why letting goes of harsh memories that have the potential to hurt oneself. For example, mistakes are made all the time. The important thing to remember is that its part of our human nature to make mistakes and fail at certain entities. That’s why Helen Schifter uses yoga to let go of these negative thoughts and increase her overall happiness.