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Helen Lee Schifter: Do Yoga and Meditation Increase Prosperity?

There have been thousands of debates about if yoga and meditation are really beneficial to people. Helen Lee Schifter is a wellness expert who enjoys practicing both of these exercises as a way to increase her prosperity. A lot of times, people associate the word “prosperity” with being rich or famous. Yet, in regards to yoga and mediation, there are many different levels of prosperity that can be achieved. On PR Newswire, Schifter confirms that these practices have left her feeling fulfilled on a spiritual and mental level. Doing a few stretches isn’t going to grow a bank account, but it will develop a relationship of balance in the mind and body. 

Yoga had been around for centuries. It’s been used in many rigorous ways but also is used as calming methods. Doing certain poses can relieve tension in the back, spine, and hips. Those who have been in severe accidents use yoga as a way to release tension in their muscles. It can be used for almost anything, which is why Helen recommends it so highly. 

Although the stereotype around yoga is very cryptic, there is some truth to it. The idea of having a very Zen personality is very prominent in yoga instructors. Even Helen who practices Zen Buddhism has such a person that allows her to easily be calm in hectic situations. Yoga builds off a person. For example, let’s say that work on day is very stressful and a budgeting issue occurred. The account was under supervision but somehow, the team missed an error and now a client has been lost. That’s a very ‘high-stress’ situation. The reason yoga exists is to reverse that stress into positive action. So, after deliberation and self-assessment, a conclusion is made that everything happens for a reason, and the client was just not meant to be. Yoga is great at allowing the body and mind to connect. Stress hormones have a great impact on humans, aseptically women. It can alter the menstrual cycles, pregnancies, and much more. That’s why, according to Elle Decor, Schifter believes living a minimalist lifestyle is very useful to all people. 

Meditation is similar to yoga because it too allows for stress to be released. What many don’t realize is that during yoga exercises, mediation organically occurs. This is because when our bodies are focused on something and one is at peace, the mind can start to decompress as well. This ancient ritual has also been used for generations because of its impact. It can be prosperous because it leads a person to a healthier mentality. Having success can come in all different forms. The common misconception is to associate success with money. However, having a positive and strong mindset is much more important to individuals like Schifter. 

Both subjects are very easy to get started. There is no need for a yoga instructor unless that is what someone wants. It just takes time to really connect the mind to the body. Helen started many years ago and has since then developed a technique that she considers flawless. It starts by finding a special place to relax. That could be a garden, beach, living room, basement, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a quiet place. According to Mass News, being a student of Zen Buddhism has helped Helen recognize if a space is suffix not about to meditate in. Moreover, the preference is up to the person. 

Starting a yoga routine is not going to be easy at first. Helen recommends watching a few YouTube videos on how to get started before diving into it. In regards to mediation, the best way to achieve the full capacity of the mind is by focusing on taking deep breaths and letting go of anxieties. Both subjects can be extremely prosperous for mental health and wellness if they are maintained regularly. Success comes from the insides and Helen shares this knowledge with anyone she meets. The only person that one has to prove themselves to is themself. The pressures society instills on us today are far too great to fully comprehend. That’s why these practices are so important to uphold daily.