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Exercise Benefits Later in Life

While there are many important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, one of the most important aspects is frequent exercise. Frequent exercise has many health benefits for someone’s present health, as well as help keep them healthy later in life. A lifelong habit of frequent exercise brings numerous health perks that benefit a person throughout their life. That is why doctors and health experts recommend that young people get in the habit of exercising frequently, so they can set themselves up to receive the lifelong benefits that an exercise habit delivers.

According to Dr. Benjamin Cory Harow MD, an Emergency Medicine doctor from West Boca Medical Center in North Palm Beach, FL, one of the best benefits of starting an exercise routine when young is receiving cardiovascular benefits. Keeping the cardiovascular system healthy while a person is young is a necessity to help keep one healthy as they enter their senior years. As a person ages, the cardiovascular system begins to deteriorate due to aging. Keeping it healthy while young helps ward off premature cardiovascular aging.

Another benefit of developing an exercise routine when one is young is that it may help with weight management. While the cardiovascular benefits of exercise are the main benefits of a routine, managing one’s weight is also a key component of ensuring a healthy lifestyle in senior years. Managing weight and keeping it at a healthy level has numerous benefits, including staving off chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in normal ranges, and keeps one’s energy levels high.

As people age, they gradually become more susceptible to developing chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. A healthy lifestyle that includes frequent and regular exercise has been proven to help prevent the development of these ailments. Also, if someone were to develop these conditions, regular exercise helps to manage these conditions and improves the quality of life for those with these ailments.

These benefits are reasons why Dr. Harow encourages all his patients to exercise regularly. Throughout his medical career, Dr. Harow has seen personally the consequences of heart disease, uncontrolled blood pressure, and diabetes. While working as an emergency medicine doctor, he sees a common theme of lack of exercise in many of his cardiac patients. He sees first hand the consequences of premature cardiovascular disease due to lack of healthy eating and exercising.

The final reason why people should start the habit of frequent exercise is that exercising regularly has been shown to improve sleep. Regular and frequent physical activity has been shown to improve a person’s sleep, help them fall asleep longer, and improve their quality of sleep. Since getting a proper amount of sleep has been proven to improve both health and quality of life, regular exercise is important to improve sleep. Starting a habit of frequent exercise when a person is young helps to set the foundation in early life to get the important benefits of better cardiovascular health, improved weight management, and better sleep quality.