Feed Your App-etite: 6 Apps to Keep Your Weight Loss on Track

Losing weight successfully requires a person to be accountable for all activity and food consumption. In the past doing so was a hassle. Today, the solution is much simpler. As with anything, there are apps that can help keep dieters on track. Six of the most popular dieting apps are listed below.


Available to both Android and iOS users, this app works through the use of a barcode scanner, which can alert the user to any excess calories in food. Its database has 750,000 different foods. It also helps you plan and track workouts, track your results, and even allows you to network with friends for support and accountability! The best part is, MyFitnessPal is free.

Lose It!

Another no-cost app that scans barcodes is Lose It!, which works much the same as MyPitnessPal, except that users can add foods to the database. The app also tracks fat, carbs, and protein and can be used to create tasty and healthful recipes. You can even provide the app with some info on your goals and habits and the app will plan a custom weight-loss plan for you!


This dieting app works much like the Weight Watchers program by assigning point values to foods. Users can make food entries to get points and are able to create food diaries by choosing foods already stored in the app. iTrackBites is $2.99 for Android and $1.99 for iOS.


This is a free app geared toward helping people build healthy shopping lists while logging their weight loss. It uses a barcode scanner to help the user determine the nutritional value of food being purchased and then assigns a letter grade from A to F. This app is available for both iOS and Android.


Originally launched for iOS but now also available on Android, Fitocracy was created by two gamers who were severely lacking in fitness. The app works much like a game, with users competing against one another regarding workouts, advice and fitness levels. As workouts get more difficult, users can move along in the game and earn points. This app is free for both platforms.


Endomondo is an activity monitor that will track sports such as walking, bicycling or running. It uses a phone’s GPS to track the route taken and will display the time duration, the distance covered and the calories burned during the activity. Endomondo can provide integration with heart-rate monitors and music players on some phones. Available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry, the app has both free and paid versions.

With weight loss and fitness becoming a top priority in many lives, it is expected that developers like SolutionStream mobile app design company will make more apps available in the years to come. If you are looking for help in your weight-loss goals right now, these are some of the top apps on the market for helping make your goals a reality!