Four Fun And Unconventional Ways To Shed Some Pounds This Year


Most people already know that they have to exercise in order to lose weight. The problem is finding some activity that they won’t want to quit after the first hour of trying it. The great thing about exercising is that any form of physical activity can be a great workout if it’s intense enough. If you’ve had problems sticking to traditional workouts, try one of the fun activities below to drop those pounds in no time.

1. Play Dodgeball

If you’re into competitive sports, dodgeball should prove to be plenty exciting. The game divides an even number of people into two teams that are separated by a center line. The point of the game is to throw foam balls at the opposing team members to knock them out without crossing the line. If another player catches your ball, however, you are the one eliminated. If one of your team members eliminates the person who got you out, you’re back in the game. The team that knocks all opposing players out first wins.

2. Go White Water Rafting

Adventure-seekers who enjoy the outdoors may find rafting to be an immensely fun hobby. The high-speed floatation vessel ride is usually done with several other people aboard on rough river waters. White water rafting requires balance, endurance, and tons of teamwork. Known as Colorado rafting in many parts of the country, this adrenaline rush can burn hundreds of calories during a single run.

3. Take a Trapeze Class

Trapeze acts are often associated with circus performers, but many ordinary people are finding that swinging high above the ground can be tons of fun. Trapeze classes teach the fundamentals of the art, and participants will engage in trampoline jumps, swinging transitions, and a number of other techniques under the supervision of trained professionals. Trapeze practice can burn calories as well as tone and strengthen the arms, legs, and core.

4. Show Off Your Moves with Dance Dance Revolution

If you’re too shy to bust a move in the club, you can still let loose at home with Dance Dance Revolution. This dance video game is available on all major consoles and has players trying to keep up with song beats and melodies by stomping on a floor-based directional pad. Players must watch the screen closely to keep up with the rhythm, and single high-tempo songs can make even the most experienced dancers break a sweat.

Working out can be a pain sometimes, especially if you find it boring. The best way to get excited about exercising is to find something you love to do and keep up with doing it. Once you’ve found your passion, you won’t be able to get enough of it.