Have You Tried the Healthiest Way to Lose Your Weight?

If you want to shed those extra pounds you need to match the equation. It is simple- the calories in versus calories out. Eat less and move more. But studies show that besides the calories, there are other factors contributing to weight loss. Calories are also important when it is a question of losing those extra kilos. In this context, today’s blog post will reveal a little secret for losing weight.

Weight Loss

The secret is- eat breakfast like a king and dine like a slave. I am sure you are already aware of this formula but often fail to implement the same. So, this piece of advice given in today’s post will surely help those followers who want to get rid of those annoying fat in their body. If you are overweight, I am sure you are assigned to a 1,400 calorie diet for 12 weeks. It has been observed that over the 12 weeks, women who ate 700-calorie breakfast and 200-calorie dinner instead of dividing the plan of 200-calorie breakfast, 500-calorie lunch and 700-calorie dinner are more likely to lose weight. In addition, other factors such as waist circumference, insulin level and blood glucose also improves to a greater extent with high calorie breakfast.

Metabolism is impacted by the circadian rhythms which is the body’s internal clock. Eating a heavier meal in the latter half of the day completely disrupts the production of hormones that regulate the hunger, insulin and factors responsible for growth and repair of cells. Ultimately, it disrupts the circadian clock and lead to obesity. However, the hunger hormone- ghrelin usually remain low when a person includes half of their daily calories in the breakfast. Also it has been noticed that body burns more calories to digest, process and absorb in the morning when compared to an afternoon and evening meal.

The researcher says that there is a strong connection between meal timing and body weight. They found that eating in the morning is important for optimal metabolism and prevent abdominal obesity. The truth is breakfast is beneficial for weight loss as it lowers blood sugar, improve the way the body uses insulin and suppresses hunger.

So do you want to prepare a delicious yet a healthy breakfast? Quickly go through the list of foods you can make a part of your early morning dish.

Healthy carbohydrates and proteins:

Food rich in balanced carbohydrate and protein if added to the morning meals can fuel your brain and muscle. It also helps guard against abdominal obesity. These include

Large flake oats

Grainy breads

Bran cereal

Oat bran






Citrus fruits





Skimmed Milk

Soy beverages

Low fat yogurt

Whole wheat toast

Egg whites

Green tea


Cottage cheese

Bran muffin with raisin

Low-fat granola

Peanut or almond butter


Besides the carbohydrates, it is important to include fibre as it slows digestion and keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. Also if you are a ‘sweet’ lover, piece of dark chocolate, a cookie or a candy can successfully prevent the sweet craving later in the day by reducing the spikes in serotonin which a feel-good brain chemical.

Not eating breakfast is certainly a bad habit and should be immediately checked. Skipping breakfast means that the body remains in the hibernation like state that can burn a small amount of calories. Your body needs food to boost the metabolism. And the smartest way to do is with nutritional meal. Therefore, give a kick start to the body’s engine with a healthy breakfast to keep blood sugar and hormone level stable while the higher rate of metabolism burns more calories.

Author Bio : Jeremy Smith is a compounding pharmacist with years of experience in this Specialty. He offers tips and suggestions about how compounding drugs can help you live a healthy, happy life. He suggests that you find out the details of the weight loss compounding pharmacy before you choose an weight loss program.