How to get some Seriously Great Sleep during Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy insomnia is real folks. It horrendously effects to be mom’s health. There are a lot of woman suffering from fatigue during pregnancy. It is a universal symptom of pregnancy. Women end up being exhausted and tired but awake all the time during bedtime. Maybe the body is trying to be prepared for sleep-deprived days after the baby comes. Constantly going to the bathroom for peeing or not finding a good position for your baby belly may be the cause. Whatever the reason it is you should try to find out a solution. So here are some tips on great sleep during your pregnancy.

Do not sleep much during daytime:

It is not a good idea to sleep much during the daytime when you are suffering from pregnancy insomnia. Daytime napping cuts your nighttime sleep so much. You lose the sleepiness because of napping, and that results in staying awake at night. A nap for just 30 to 40 minutes is not going to harm you that much. Do not sleep more than that.

Make the bed your comfort place:

An uncomfortable bed is a villain for an insomniac. It is more intense if the person is pregnant. The hormones are all over the place at this time. Not getting enough sleep may impact your relationship or behavior. So get a comfortable bed for yourself. A queen mattress size bed is perfect for a small family. If you think queen mattress size will not fit if you co-sleep with the baby then go for king size bed.  See the nectar mattress reviews for getting the best one.  


It is the most important to be moms. Doing some light exercise or walking makes our body tired. When we are tired, our body wants to sleep.  You can try to exercise at least half an hour a day. Yoga calms down our mind. A calm mind can sleep much better than others. Stretching and taking a deep breath will help you with sleeping much more. Do not exercise just before going to bed.

Pile up pillows:

Doctors suggest that pregnant women should not use a pillow for the head. But put a lot of pillow in your back and tummy. It is going to provide you support and comfort at the same time. Put another pillow between your legs as well. It tremendously helps side sleepers. Sleep pillow during pregnancy is a blessing to be moms.

Get some relaxation at bedtime:

Pregnant mothers should be treated like a queen. Before going to bed have a relaxing bath with warm water. Get a relaxed mood on and get your body massaged. Take a deep breath also before hopping on the bed. These all are proved to relax the body. You will get the best sleep if you do all this.

Make a relaxing atmosphere:

Sleeping depends on the calmness of the mind. A tensed and stressed person cannot sleep at all. Try to make your nerves as relaxed as it can get. Essential oils in an oil diffuser make the room cozy and relaxing. Or you can light a scented candle. You can try both, but oil diffuser is more convenient as it is affordable.


Nutrition is a must for a pregnant mother. Drinking a warm glass of milk will help you sleep better. Foods that are high in carbohydrates help improving sleep. Keep a snack that is high in protein. Because it will prevent you from severe headaches and nightmares.

Sleep on the right side:

After long days of working here and there, it is hard to not being able to sleep. Hop on the bed being on the right side. Some studies show sleeping on the right side improves sleep experience.  And do not forget your pile of pillows. Keeping them in between thighs help side sleepers.

Leave the bed if you are not able to sleep:

After all these trial and error if you still see that you are wide awake then leave the bed. Move to another room. Read a book that will uplift you spiritually and make you feel sleepy. Keep reading until you feel drowsy. Never be on the bed until you are almost falling asleep. It will be helping you to improve your sleep cycle.

Do not take medicine for sleeping:

It is hard not to be able to sleep for days we all know that. If everything fails still do not take medication. Medicine is the worst for the health of babies. It can hurt the development of babies. If it is the dire need then talk to your doctor about it.


This was all of our suggestion on pregnancy sleep for all moms out there. Take the ultimate care of yourself when you are pregnant. You are bringing another life into this world. So you deserve the best. The thing about pregnancy insomnia is it will go away. You will not get the pregnancy period back. Enjoy this special moment. After some time you will have to take care of another life.