Some sex experts say that most couples take only six minutes to journey the entire Sexual Response Cycle together. Still, the long-standing goal of many men and women alike to last longer during sex — much longer than 6 minutes — persists. If making sex last longer is important to you and your partner, there are many ways on how to last longer in bed that you can follow to get an orgasm that will feel most rewarding to both of you.


Whether you want to last longer than the average 6 minutes or, if you are ejaculating much sooner than that, don’t think straight away that there may be a problem with your or your man’s penis, most especially if you or he is younger than 40. Most men will go through difficulties involving erection and ejaculation at different points in their lives but sometimes, the reasons are not rooted anywhere in the physiological sphere.

When the problem is more inside your heads (up there) then, there are ways you can achieve long lasting sex and it works better when both you and your partner are involved. Below are several tips that you can follow on how to last longer during sex:


Consider any disease that you’ve been diagnosed with lately, history of injury,  history of experiencing the same difficulties, and your recent lab results. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes are just some of the conditions that could be causing you difficulties in bed. Where you need to be concerned about underlying health problems, you should consult with your health provider immediately. In either case, you stand to make good use of the rest of the tips in this list and, even consider supplementing with a Virectin.


Again, the best way to last longer in bed is when you and your partner are striving to reach the same goal. It can be hard to admit you and your partner may be experiencing problems concerning sexual satisfaction of either partner but, you can’t address an issue until you both recognize it. Somebody’s got to spill the beans. There are ways to open up about it in a way that your partner will not feel bad about the issue.


Both of you have to be honest. Sometimes, tips to last longer in bed may not be what helps you enjoy more of your sex life. Married and long-time couples most especially succumb to routine sex when everything else in their live — work, home, regular trips to the market, among others — have become, well, routine. Your chaotic schedules simply do not permit you to keep exploring your sexuality — that is not permissible.

Here are the top things that you can do as a couple:

  • Go on a vacation. If you don’t have a travel budget, just stay at home and, if you have kids, ask a relative or friend to babysit them for a weekend. Use the time to indulge in each others company, not to do a major house cleanup.
  • Get kinky. Sex needs play. Dress up for each other to visually stimulate each others sex imaginations. If you’re both up to it, engage in role play or, in sex games. Using sex toys is not so uncommon these days. It makes love-making with your partner thrilling and exhilarating so you should definitely give it a try. One site we found for this is There is no shortage of ideas on how this can be done. 
  • Please each other sexually in different ways. Get both of your minds off of intercourse for a while so you don’t mind that erection or worry about ejaculating too soon. Touch, kiss and fool around with each others private parts without necessarily having to engage in an intercourse over a longer period of time. Agree to tell each other how you both want to be touched. This will teach you both how to please and satisfy each other sexually which is a more important goal that fixating on how to have sex longer.
  • Explore different sex positions. Did you really think you’ll both keep enjoying sex after you’ve been doing the missionary position for the past 5 or so years? Gee, even 5 years has been too long! Part of learning how to last longer in bed involved getting creative with your sex positions. So, try something you’ve never done before. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve been missing.

Foreplay, when done right and unhurriedly, gives you and your partner plenty of time to get excited. Engaging in foreplay builds up anticipation. In fact, you can start exciting your partner long before you can touch each other. Sex-text each other in the middle of the work day and make sure to be home early to follow thru. Tease each other in the middle of dinner. Use a combination of words, touching and rubbing each others skins long before you’re both naked in bed.


One of the most under recognized ways to last longer in bed is simply complementing your partner. You can say nice things about how your partner smells great, looks incredibly sexy, and that everything about him or her, including how he or she looks from down there, is turning you on. By complementing each other, you are freeing each other from becoming bound to have sex for hours.

This way, you are freeing yourselves from the unnecessary stress that springs from worrying about growing hard or getting an orgasm. Have faith in this: you will both climax together if you think less about actually getting there and just focus on being into each other. A lot of that satisfaction that comes from sex actually comes from your brains and not from your penis or vagina.


In the end, how long you last during sex is not the sole basis for determining how good you are in bed. When you take your mind off of your personal obsession to make sex last longer, you might actually obtain pleasure you’ve never quite known before by minding what pleases you and your partner the most.

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