How to Properly Trim Your Beard

Good-looking facial hair doesn’t just appear by magic. It is directed and cultivated, and you’re the one who’s responsible for this. Follow our grooming tips and you’ll soon be wearing your beard with added pride.

Most of the grooming tips you’ll find online shouldn’t be followed 100% of the time, with this exception: No Neck Beard. Here’s how to get rid of it:

Where to Trim

Imagine a curved line between both ears connected to another point just above your Adam’s apple. Adjust the clippers two settings below the length of your beard and get rid of everything below this imaginary line.

You can maintain this same setting on the clippers when trimming as your beard grows. Even when you have a healthy, strong beard, the hair between your neckline and Adam’s Apple should be as short as possible.

Beard Styles

Here’s the main point when it comes to facial hair styles – your jaw and your beard should work together to achieve a nice oval shape.

If you have a rectangular or oblong face, we suggest leaving more hair on the sides while avoiding more length beneath the chin. The electric shaver guide from 10BestRanked talks about this in detail.

If you have a round or square jaw, you should let your beard grow fuller on the bottom to make your face appear longer. Keep it fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides. Most styles will work with oval faces because they’re like a standard.

How to Trim

Start by washing your beard with a beard shampoo, and then condition it. The shampoo and conditioner depend on the texture and strength of your beard. Ask your barber if you’re unsure. But don’t skip this first and most important part because shampooing and conditioning will help soften the beard, which will make it easier to move on with the rest of the work.

After the beard dries, take a brush and brush your beard against so it stands up and out. This will make it less difficult to trim. Now, use your clippers to trim the beard to your length of choice. It’s best to start with a bigger guard to keep yourself from cutting your beard too short by accident.

An even length all around is perfect if you’re looking for something simple and not too long. Aim a shorter guard at the temples and cheeks and a longer one around the chin if you want something with more shape.

Generally, one doesn’t need a differential of more than two – for example, a 5 or 6 around the chin and a 4 on the cheeks and temples. Run a shorter guard over your upper lip to trim the mustache, but keep in mind your nose will obstruct anything much longer.

Try combing all of the hairs down over the upper lip. If there is any hair covering the lip, use the bare clippers to trim it away. This only works if you have a steady hand though. If you don’t, just use mustache scissors instead.