Indoor Cycling Workouts – Having Fun As You Exercise

Indoor cycling is an excellent workout for those who love biking or who are looking for a stimulating, structured indoor activity. The beauty of it is that you can do it during circumstances in which outdoor activities would not be possible, like during adverse weather. Spinning, as cycling is also called, has a myriad of health benefits, the obvious one being an intense cardiovascular workout that can torch between 500 and 700 calories. It also tones the lower body and, as a low-impact workout, can rarely harm your joints.

While you are doing indoor cycling or other activities, you may consider taking a dose of some beneficial steroids, like oxandrolona, which can relieve bone pain associated with osteoporosis, especially among the elderly. It is also useful for promoting weight gain in various scenarios, like after an extensive surgery.

What to expect with indoor cycling

It would be prudent to first observe a cycling class before enrolling. This will allow you to gauge the required fitness level and the intensity of the activity. Ensure that your body is in good shape before committing to the spinning class, which is typically 40 minutes or more of high-intensity exercise. It proves to be tough, even for regular exercisers and those in good shape.

While taking you through the class, the instructor will simulate a cycling experience or a bike race, riding through different terrains. It will be like you’re riding up and down hills, speedily and slowly, and at times getting up on your feet to peddle.

The immovable bicycle in the cycling class is like an ordinary bike except that it is fixed on a frame to restrict you to one place. The cycling class bikes are made in a way that allows them to go faster than other stationary bikes found in the gym, and have resistance settings to make the workout easier or harder.

Preparations for an indoor cycling class

The following are crucial things to bear in mind before starting an indoor cycling class:

Get the right shoes and clothes- If you intend to attend sessions on a regular basis, get yourself a pair of cycling shorts, preferably with a padded bottom. For shoes, aerobic or running shoes can work, but specially designed bike shoes are better, as they have clips that lock you onto the peddles.

Hydrate yourself- You should always bring a bottle of water to drink before, during, and after the cycling class. You will sweat a lot and will need to replenish the lost fluids, which is why it is recommended that you take sips after every few moments.

Have a towel– You will need a towel to wipe off all the sweat and prevent it from getting into your eyes or from making your hands slippery. Enquire if they provide towels in the class, and if not, bring one from your home or get one from the front desk.

Adjust your bike– Ensure that you adjust your bike well before getting on it. Arrive at the class earlier and adjust the handlebar and seat heights so that you will be comfortable during your session. If you are unable to do it, you should seek the instructor for assistance.

Learn proper form- Your knees, hands, and shoulders should be relaxed. Keep in mind throughout the session to loosen your wrists, neck, and shoulders as you cycle.

Work out at your own pace– You need to be in touch with how your body is feeling or responding as you bike. Slow down a bit if you think you have pushed too hard, or take a short break if you need to. Reduce the resistance on your bike or slow down the pace. Going slow could save you from a burnout or injuries, and will still give you a good workout.


Indoor cycling is a good workout and will give you the benefits of exercising. If it works for you, you should reap the benefits of this high-intensity workout.