Lack of testosterone in the male body

In this article we will introduce both chemical (steroid) and natural  substances that will increase testosterone levels in the body. The lack of testosterone in the body affects both your physical appearance and mental health. A man who has this hormone deficiency has soft muscles, a bigger belly. Conversely, if he has enough in his body, he looks younger, more vital. It also affects your psyche to a great extent. In case of lack you are not tired of anything, you do not like sex, you are still tired, often manifestations of depression. 

effects of testosterone

Testosterone injection:

Testosterone can be artificially increased by applying anabolic steroids. An example is the testosterone enanthate injection, which has a longer lasting effect. If you decide to order anabolics from the internet, then you should inquire about some trusted source because, internet is full of fake steroid products and scam eshops. Be careful where you buy steroids, buy only from a certified source. You should advise with your doctor about testosterone usage, because it can has many side effects on your health.

Testosterone Enanthate

The natural way is:

Improve your body structure and increase testosterone levels by providing enough body nutrients for your body to produce this hormone. Mistakes in eating, such as eating large amounts of sugar, reducing fat, vegetarian diet, lacking magnesium, zinc, or vitamin D can reduce testosterone and cause overweight.

Studies have shown that men with low testosterone have more frequent occurrence of these health problems:

– Diabetes II. Type
– Infertility
– More abdominal fat and less muscle
– Less muscle growth during strength training
– Poor sports performance
– Slower recovery from training
– More risk of prostate cancer

Low testosterone is a much bigger problem than men realize. There are many interrelated reasons for lack of testosterone – chemical estrogens (plastic), lack of nutrients, low fat or vegetarian diet, lack of physical activity, etc.

Let’s take a look at four tips to help increase testosterone levels and achieve the best form and optimum health.

Plenty of Vitamin D

Starting taking vitamin D can be the most effective way to increase testosterone production. A recent study revealed that men with vitamin D deficiency (less than 20 ng / ml) had much less testosterone and more estrogen than men with enough of this vitamin. These men had more fat and less muscle.

Vitamin D promotes the formation of testosterone because vitamin D receptors are found on the cells of the corresponding glands. Vitamin D also slows down the aromatization process in which testosterone is converted into estrogen in men. 

Plenty of zinc

The link between zinc, testosterone and reproductive health is well known. A 1996 study found that young men with a healthy amount of testosterone experienced a 50% drop in testosterone after reducing zinc consumption after five months. Zinc gluconate supplementation during the same period in elderly men doubled the level of free testosterone.

Plenty of zinc allows the body to secrete more testosterone and anabolic hormones.

Zinc deficiency affects both men and women equally. He is responsible for worse training results, infertility and a higher risk of cancer.
Zinc has other tasks that directly affect hormone systems:

– zinc deficiency leads to an increase in estrogen receptors and a decrease in androgen receptors
– zinc deficiency increases testosterone to estrogen (similar to vitamin D deficiency)
– male prostate tissues require 10 times more zinc than other cells. After cancer attack, the prostate loses its ability to accumulate zinc, leading to a rapid spread of cancer
– zinc deficiency increases the risk of cancer in women because it leads to abnormal estrogen production and because zinc minimizes inflammation, which is the primary cause of cell damage 

Lack of magnesium

Sufficient magnesium will help increase testosterone and build muscle because magnesium improves the body’s antioxidant capacity, reduces inflammation, allowing more robust testosterone and IGF-1 release.
Magnesium has several physiological roles:

– provides the production of enzymes that allow vitamin D to help absorb calcium and build bones
– It is especially important for athletes because it allows strength muscle contractions
– it promotes healthy sleep, which is extremely important for supporting testosterone

ZMA increase level of testosterone

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Enough sleep

We know that enough sleep is needed to produce growth hormone and regenerate after training, but it is also important for testosterone release. As early as 1975, researchers found that the total amount of testosterone increased during the night and released regularly. A number of studies have shown that one night without a good and long enough sleep reduces the release of testosterone, which leads to lower testosterone levels upon awakening.

Another study tested the effect of only four hours of sleep over five nights in young men. The result was low testosterone levels, high afternoon cortisol levels and significantly altered glucose and insulin metabolism. The aim of this study was to measure the effect of sleep deprivation on the risk of diabetes. This effect was seen as a week after insulin resistance.