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Why CBD Will Win The Advertising Battle

The Food and Drug Administration is always looking for red flags related to CBD advertising. This is a constant battle for those who are trying to market CBD because it backs them into a corner.

It has become extremely challenging for those involved in CBD marketing to educate consumers. If consumers don’t know what CBD is really about, then they’re less likely to purchase it. However, CBD is currently one of the most searched terms on the internet. You can’t stop a hungry consumer.

Currently, Google, Amazon, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest don’t allow CBD advertising. Facebook would also fit into that category, but earlier this year, it decided to soften up and allow advertising for topical hemp CBD. One social media app that does allow CBD advertising is Snapchat, but while Snapchat is popular, it’s still one of the few social media apps/sites that will allow CBD marketers to get the message through to consumers.

The most popular forms of CBD advertising right now include billboards, radio, and programmatic advertising. There have been other creative methods implemented as well. If you’re selling CBD and it’s a product that can help consumers, then marketing isn’t something you should have to get creative with. On the other hand, this is also where it gets interesting.

A hungry consumer is always going to win in the end. This is simply because a hungry consumer equals revenue generation. If the Federal and state governments see that there is money to be made, they will change their tune.

Many people don’t realize this, but the Federal Reserve has been preventing deflation for years. This is why there has been a shrinking middle class, which has led to loosened stances on marijuana and casinos. Those are two big revenue generators. If you look at the states that have loosened their stances on these policies, their local economies are booming, especially with marijuana. The same should be expected with CBD. It should be even bigger because it’s a much bigger market.

If you sell CBD and you’ve had your back against the wall with advertising opportunities, then you have been forced to get creative. This might seem like bad news now, but all it has done is made you stronger for when the real boom begins. It’s already a crowded space, but it’s nothing compared to how crowded it will be in the future and you will have a tremendous head start.

At the current time, you need to use neutral language and can’t specify a product. That would be like someone going to a drug store and saying they need medicine. Education and communication have always led to better results. CBD advertising will eventually go that route. The consumer always wins in the end. If you’re currently advertising CBD, then you’re in the right place at the right time. It might not seem like it at the moment, but your ducks are lined up.