The Macrobiotic diet is great for people who want to try something different and have already tried similar diets such as the Vegetarian diet. The Macrobiotic diet was created to provide people with eating guidelines that will help them stay in touch with nature while improving the quality of their health. It was not designed specifically for weight loss but that is one of the effects of this diet. The Macrobiotic diet is more of a lifestyle changer than a diet to follow to lose a few extra pounds. It has been known improve heart health, prevent a wide variety of diseases, and improve life satisfaction. Some reports claim that this diet even helped cancer patients beat cancer.

The great thing about the Macrobiotic diet is that you can customize the diet depending on what your body “tells” you to eat. Basically, you will be eating food that has is rich with nutrients and shunning processed food which contains high levels of fat and other harmful chemicals. For instance, you can eat the following products: grains, veggies, fruits, barley, rye, etc. Any type of food that is organically grown can be eaten. Eggs and poultry are acceptable in small portions but meat such as beef and pork and not on the diet.