Men Who Mindlessly Munch: Tips for Taming Your Triggers and Taking Charge

popcorn-731053_1920Males snack for a variety of reasons.  Many times it’s simply due to boredom or tradition, such as eating while watching television or when hanging with buddies.  However, too much mindless eating equals unnecessary pounds.  Take charge and learn how to tame your triggers to curb the excess weight.

Drink Water

A number of sources suggest drinking 8 glasses of water per day for body cleansing, keeping skin looking great, and proper hydration.  Yet, drinking regularly is a way to curb snacking.  Sometimes we’re just thirsty, and not hungry.  As one source puts it, “We know our body is craving something, so it’s natural to assume it’s food.”  Yet, some believe that as many as 7 out of 10 times, the body is in need of water and not food.  Moreover, you don’t have to drink water if it is not your beverage of choice; just be sure the drink is low in caffeine and sodium.

Make it Hard

Many times, we snack because it’s easy and food is readily accessible.  If you’re sitting next to a dish full of candy, you’re more likely to reach out and plop some in your mouth versus having to drive to the store to get some.  Make it hard to snack, whether it means keeping candy under lock and key or not having it in the home at all.  If you put barriers in place, it’s likely that you’ll forget about snacking and won’t go out of your way.  If you’re having a hard time being happy with your body shape, consider the solutions available via KR Plastic Surgery.


If you’re going to snack, then factor-in some kind of compensation.  For example, if you’re going to eat those additional slices of pizza, then you’ll have to get up forty-five minutes earlier the next morning for a jog.  Alternatively, if you’re going to head to the fast food drive thru, then convince yourself that you’ll have to also run errands on the same trip.  Compensating will either ensure that you combine the act of snacking with some sort of life positive, or it will deter you from snacking altogether.

Make It Visible

Some people turn vegetarian upon visiting a slaughterhouse.  The visual inspires a change in behavior.  You don’t have to head to a slaughterhouse yet try to maintain a vision of what and how much you’re consuming.  For example, don’t throw away empty wrappers or the accumulation of fast food bags.  Keep them in sight and get a visualization of how much and how often you’re snacking.  If soda is your bane, rather than placing cans in the recycling bin, keep them on top of the fridge so you can actualize how many cans go in your stomach per week.

Eat the Meat and Leave the Bread

You can either take the suggestion literally or just be mindful of what you’re eating while leaving some things behind.  For example, maybe you want to eat a submarine sandwich, but you don’t have to consume it with the bread.  You can use a fork to pick out the meat, cheese, and lettuce, leaving the bread and added carbohydrates behind.   Some try to stay away from their favorite snacks, but that rarely works.  Instead, try and modify what you’re eating.  For example, rather than ordering pizza with pepperoni, just get it plain.


Dr Kevin Rughe is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and specializes in aesthetic surgery. He always welcomes the opportunity to share his observations and research with a wider audience online. His articles mainly appear on health and lifestyle blogs.