The 5 Best Supplements to Boost Your Testosterone

Readers, let me ask you a quick question: Have you ever considered raising your testosterone levels through natural means? For fitness enthusiasts that have made substantial progress in the gym after putting in years of hard work, it’s difficult to gain even a fraction of muscle through diet and exercise alone. Are there any over-the-counter solutions that can stimulate lean muscle growth while burn unwanted fat deposits around our midsection and lower back? Luckily, testosterone-boosting products have been specifically designed to address these exact issues. Although we can’t promise you’ll look like Ronnie Coleman or an NFL running back after taking these supplements, we can guarantee your body will dramatically change. Located below are our top-5 picks for the most reliable test boosters on the market!

  1. Apex Male

Apex Male from Blackstone labs is in a league of its own. This product was created and manufactured by Aaron Singerman and PJ braun with the single goal of making your body as anabolic as possible while remaining natural. Without going into the chemistry behind this blend, Apex Male stimulates sexual function and increases the libido in our day-to-day lives. Both Singerman and Braun are former professional bodybuilders that have spent decades in the gym, supplementing products and fine-tuning their test booster. If readers want to expand their athletic horizons, we highly consider trying Apex Male immediately.

  1. D-Aspartic Acid

Although the name of this product sounds somewhat nerdy, don’t underestimate its power to elevate your testosterone levels and improve strength. D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that naturally occurs in our diets in relatively small amounts. However, scientists and researchers have found that supplementing pure D-Aspartic Acid in large amounts (three to six grams) can radically raise testosterone levels found in the blood. To illustrate this effect even further, experts have released academic findings on the U.S. National Library of Medicine that show a direct correlation between D-Aspartic Acid and elevated test levels in both human and animal subjects. Try this out today and make some gains!

  1. Pro Series Alpha Test

With this product being in the top-10 test boosters from, you know we had to mention Pro Series Alpha from Muscletech. In our opinion, what separates this supplement from other formulas on the market is its affordability. If you’re anything like us, you know the value of a dollar and you want a return on your investment — Pro Series Alpha provides that. The main component used in the blend of this product is Boron Citrate. While many of us have probably never heard of Boron Citrate in the past, numerous findings have associated it with boosting testosterone levels and peak performance. This test booster is easy on the wallet and rewarding on the body — see why it’s a best seller.

  1. Tribulus

Oh how we love our Tribulus! This product — also known, scientifically, as Tribulus Terrestris — has been used as a fundamental test booster in numerous bodybuilders’ supplement regimen for many years. In fact, the supplement is so beneficial that experts have used it to treat high blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels. But back to the topic at hand: Tribulus has produced amazing results for patients that suffer with low testosterone and androgen deficiency. If you fall into either of these categories, we truly believe that Tribulus will alleviate your symptoms and improve your gym life.

  1. ZMA JYM

Unlike our other products that we’ve listed, this testosterone booster influences your body while it sleeps. The formula combines the strength of three powerful ingredients (Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin B6) that have all been shown to influence testosterone by themselves. When packed together in an easy-to-swallow pill, you get massive strength gains and energy output in a short period of time. According to their own press statement, a rigorous test was performed by Western Washington University to see if the effects of the product were true, or simply bunk. To their surprise, the scientists found that their collegiate football athletes showcased a 30% boost to their test levels and improved their athletic prowess on the field. While most of us are not 7-foot tall and headed for the NFL after graduation, it can’t hurt to use the same supplements they do!

Although there are numerous products on the market, thousands of unfulfilled promises and sketchy salespeople pushing their supplements on you, there are test boosters that work. Keep in mind that no product, even the ones listed here, will provide the results you’re looking for unless you are disciplined and take your diet and exercise seriously. Use these testosterone boosters in unison with a pre-existing framework that encourages exercise and a balanced diet.

Photo by Dr. Eduardo García Cruz