Use Your Computer To Help You Lose Weight

If you desire to lose weight, you may be looking for reliable information and quality support. You may be surprised to know that one of the best places to get a vast array of help in losing weight is already right in your home. It’s your computer, of course! From software to tools to forums and more, for just about any aspect of weight loss, you can find answers and help online. Here’s a few ways to use your computer to drop those pounds.

Recipe Ideas

One of the best resources online are the many recipe websites. If you’re looking for a recipe, you can simply do a search for the name of it, or even just one of the ingredients and many different recipe options will come up for you to choose from. Many recipe sites offer advanced search features which allow you to filter your search to bring up only healthy or light recipes. You can even filter recipes by calorie counts, the amount of sugar or carbs and just about any other aspect of a recipe.

You’ll also find many recipe blogs from people who are on special diets. Blogs on vegetarian, vegan, raw food, low carb and other diets are great sources of recipes that are healthy. You can also find recipe blogs specifically for people who are also trying to get slim. You can benefit from their recipes, but also their personal stories. You might just find a blogger who’s in the same situation health wise.

Glycemic Index And Caloric Information

Another handy way to use your computer is for looking up the caloric information and glycemic index information for foods you are considering incorporating into your diet. While calorie counting has been around a long time, you may not be familiar with how knowing the glycemic index of foods will help you lose weight. The glycemic index is a rating for different foods, according to how they affect your blood sugar compared to a piece of white bread. Since white bread is composed of simple carbohydrates, it has a strong effect on the blood sugar of most people, so it’s a good indicator of how certain foods will raise your blood sugar. Low glycemic foods tend to have fewer carbohydrates and sugar, and often more nutrients, fiber and protein, all things that can help you trim that waste.

Personal Diary And Blogging

Not only can you find free sites and tools where you can keep a food diary, but you can also simply use a free downloadable program for journal or you can even use your favorite word processor to begin to journal your weight loss experience. Keeping a diary like this will help you keep track of your successes and failures, which can be a great help in making changes to maximize your weight loss plan. There are even sites where you can download weight loss programs for free, which can be useful in any diet plan.


You can also get help and support online by downloading weight loss programs from the many healthy living forums, communities, online magazines, blogs and more. Whatever aspect of weight loss you are struggling with; there are surely people out there online who are going through the same thing. You can seek them out and support each other.