What to Do if Your Partner Snores

Snoring can drive you crazy. In fact, snoring can drive you crazy both if you’re the snorer and if you’re the snorer’s spouse or partner.

Thanks to modern technology and innovation, there are tons of snoring solutions available today. The SnoreRX anti-snoring mouthguard is just one of the many options you and your partner enjoy when snoring is harming your health and quality of sleep.

But there’s even more you can do and explore when your partner snores regularly and to the point at which it’s affecting everyone. Here’s a look at ways you can be a part of finding the perfect snoring solution for your home.

1. Make This a Pressure-Free Problem

As your partner looks for a solution, take pressure off by using earplugs or sleeping in a guest room. This will help your partner feel less guilty about disturbing your sleep as he or she seeks out a way for the two of you to share a room while getting quality ZZZs each and every night.

Don’t let your partner off the hook, though. Using earplugs and sleeping in another room aren’t permanent solutions. Keep the pressure off so long as your partner is actively seeking out answers to the snoring question. Finding the right solution should be a team effort, and teams always work better when there’s no emotional tension between the teammates.

2. Provide Emotional Support

Don’t put too much pressure on your spouse or partner when he or she is suffering with snoring. This is a physical problem, so try not to get too frustrated, angry or otherwise emotional about it. Instead, help your partner look for a physical solution.

There is a wide range of physical solutions on the market today. When in doubt, talk to a medical professional about the best solutions for your partner’s snoring that will attack the root cause. A doctor should be able to help identify the root cause of snoring while also making expert recommendations on possible solutions.

3. Start With Health and Wellness

There’s a lot people don’t know about snoring. For example, many people don’t know that snoring can be related to overall health and wellness. In fact, sometimes snoring emerges due to sinus or allergy issues. In these cases, simply encouraging your partner to use nasal spray or allergy medication could put an end to the snoring.

Snoring can also be related to obesity or behavior. Smoking and alcohol use, for example, can lead to snoring. Alcohol specifically irritates membranes where mucus forms, which is why eliminating alcohol can also eliminate snoring in some cases.

4. Invest in New Bedding

If you’re looking for a place to start in helping your partner overcome snoring, look no further than your bedding. In many cases, a pillow with a special design can help eliminate snoring, and a different mattress can prevent snoring in other cases.

Buying a new pillow or mattress requires an investment, naturally. That said, there are easy ways to try out pillows and mattresses with little risk. Look for significant return windows and free trial periods. These return windows and trial periods give you leeway to test out the effectiveness of a new pillow or mattress while maintaining the ability to make a return at any time.

5. Try Different Devices

We live in a time when there are plentiful anti-snoring devices for you to explore and test out. If your partner’s snoring is keeping you up at night, and if a new pillow or mattress doesn’t help, start trying various anti-snoring devices like mouthguards, tongue guards, nasal strips and others.

Knowing the root cause of the snoring is extremely helpful in these cases. For example, a mouthguard works best when the snoring is caused by an overly relaxed jaw that falls back toward the throat and constricts airflow.

As noted above, you’ll find that a visit to the doctor can be illuminating when you and your partner are trying to determine the root cause of snoring. If your partner is snoring but doesn’t know why, go ahead and make an appointment with a physician.
The doctor should be able to help you fight through uncertainty and move toward a solution that really works.

Photo by The Sleep Judge