Why you should use protein powder

You need protein and lots of it; unfortunately, so many Australians are not getting enough of it through their daily diet.

The situation is even more severe for individuals involved in any form of workout or weight loss program – their body requires an insane amount of protein to repair damaged body-tissues, enhance and shorten the recovery process, and speed up the cell regeneration process.

To compensate for the shortfall of protein in their diet – many individuals turn to supplements like protein powder.

If you’re not a fitness junkie, you probably might not have heard of protein powder before. So what ‘exactly’ is this protein powder?

You see, whole foods in addition to their protein contents, also have other nutrients – this is beneficial of course; however, for the fitness person or an athlete that needs a quick-to-absorb; quick-action protein, the whole food isn’t just enough.

Protein powder is a concentrate of pure protein – think of whey, soy, and casein protein – they’re all forms of vegan protein powder and yes, contain all the nine essential amino acids required by the body.

So, why should you use protein powder?

People supplement with protein powder for several reasons; it could be because they want to shed some weight, pile-up pounds of lean muscle or due to their lifestyle. Here’re other reasons why you should consider adding protein powder as part of your daily diet:

  •    If you have an intense workout routine: Your body needs to recover as fast and as thoroughly as possible after grueling workout sessions. During training sessions, micro tears and wears occur, and since you need to recover for the next day’s routine, it’s essential your body heals itself quickly.

Including protein supplements in your diet pre and post workouts, ensures an adequate supply of vital amino acids to your cells at the right quantity and when they need it.

  •    If you desired an increased muscle mass: If you’ve ever dreamed of having big lean muscles, then including protein powder in your diet could get you see result faster. This assertion has been confirmed by research; which has shown that protein powder like whey stimulates muscle synthesis thus enhancing muscle gains and quick recovery after training.
  •    If you want to burn fat: According to a report on nutrition, individuals using protein supplements, in addition to a resistance exercise experience a significant drop in fat and body weight.

So, if you’re struggling to get rid of those extra pounds around your midriff; you might have to consider including protein powder in your meals.

  •    If you’re recovering from an injury: Your body needs all the nutrient it can get to heal and get you back to your peak; Give your cells a leg up by supplementing with rich, fast-acting protein powder.
  •    If you’re growing up: Teenagers need a significant amount of protein; remember, at this stage, their body is undergoing rapid changes hence providing them with the adequate supply of protein fuels this developmental stage while also giving them an edge in their workout efforts.

In conclusion, understanding your daily protein needs and striving to satisfy them not only provides your body with the building blocks it needs but you’re also setting yourself up to perform at your top level every day.

Photo by Phú Thịnh Co