4 Astonishing Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Health

It is mandatory for you to have the right gear if you want to win a race and similarly, you should have the right bed if you want to sleep peacefully. Besides different factors like the alignment of the bed, placement, and sleeping position, the most significant factor that contributes to enjoying a sound sleep is a mattress. A majority of people are side sleepers and this is the reason why it is imperative for them to choose a mattress that is made with the best quality materials.

Some people believe that their mattress is perfect just because it is in good shape. However, this might not be true for many because when it comes to a mattress, things may not be the same as they look like. If you are wondering how your mattress affects your health, here are 5 ways how:

A Quality Mattress Reduces Stress

It may sound strange but a small study conducted in 2009 suggested that a group of 59 healthy men and women were asked to sleep for 28 nights in their regular mattress and another 28 nights on a new one. After the period of 56 days, they were asked to evaluate their stress levels and there was a decrease of 36% in their stress because they were able to enjoy a sound sleep on their new mattress.

Fewer Allergy

The cause of your allergy can most likely be your mattress. A mattress is a perfect home for dirt, debris, and other allergens. These particles accumulate on the surface of the mattress and cause a lot of irritation. The worst thing about these particles is that they are invisible and hard to trace. Even if you try to clean your mattress, there will be some allergens remaining on the surface of the mattress. This is the reason why the doctors always recommend on getting the mattress cleaned after some time or purchase a new one.

Medium Firm Mattress is Better

Although the firmness of a mattress depends heavily on the weight of the sleeper, the newer ones are made with a fine technology that has better firmness and allow you to sleep peacefully. The fibers of the mattress are free from any chemicals that give it maximum firmness and allow you to sleep peacefully without getting pain in your bones and muscles.

Less Pain in Muscles

When your body gets better support from the mattress, it is able to withstand any shocks, twists, and turns that ultimately become a cause of pain and irritation. When a mattress gets old, it loses its original shape and does not maintain a fine surface. This is the reason why your body is not able to lay properly and as a result, you get muscle pain.

These are a few ways your mattress affects your health. For side sleepers, it is important to find the best mattress for side sleepers. A mattress for side sleepers give maximum support to the body and keeps it healthy. Be smart and choose a mattress wisely!