Five Tips From Therapists About New Year’s Goals


Another New Year yearning for fresh inspiration has arrived inviting a host of emotions, expectations and goal setting opportunities. Whatever your situation may be, goal setting is a realistic direction for success. In a recent survey of Therapist in Raleigh NC, the majority concluded that unrealistic expectations, which include improper goal setting, were the leading cause of stress and anxiety among their patients. As you set goals and resolutions for the new year, be careful to do so with a very real understanding of what you are capable of. You will want to push yourself, but it is wise to know what areas need the most improvement, and which you are actually capable of improving. Here are a couple tips for making and keeping good resolutions.

Keep It Basic

Resolutions are all about simple improvements. Resolving to address basic goal setting is a healthy challenge with perks. The benefits of setting goals for the New Year will also assist in better focus and personal insight in other areas of living. Creating a realistic and workable resolution plan for the New Year can fastidiously result in realizing personal dreams, aspirations and success. Keep it simple.

Understand the Process

Choosing to embrace any New Year’s resolution is a mindful process in itself. Goal setting also is a process worthy of the time and effort required for a positive end result. It requires thoughtful consideration, strategy, encouragement and acceptance. Before setting or deciding on a goal, take the time to ask yourself a few questions to help organize your thoughts:

1. What kind of resolution do you have in mind?

2. What kind of support system to you have?

3. Is there enough room in your daily routine to contribute to your goal?

4. Does self-discipline come easy or is it a challenge for you?


Understanding the goal setting process helps to continuously motivate. Structure and discipline command motivation. Seek motivation from your support system and appropriate resources of personal encouragement. Physical activity, mental and spiritual inspiration, and social activities are few supportive resources available.

Keep the Vision

Contemplating any goal usually begins with personal vision. Let the perks of positive visions exist before, during and after your goal date. It is important to keep the benefits of resolutions in the forefront. Allow its motivation to do most of the work!

Therapy Works

Personal insight is a handy tool to own when considering any resolution. Professional counseling therapists can also be an effective tool for appropriate and effective goal setting ideas. Support is always a phone call or personal visit away.

Whether resolutions are new to you or not, you can make the most of your New Year by creating an enjoyable journey. Remember that the process of improving is just as important as the improvement, and that your journey to self improvement can be an empowering one.