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Get a good night’s sleep – science-backed recommendations

When you wake up every morning tired, you have a fuzzy memory and you forget things. You miss appointments to the dentist, you forget to buy milk, and you can fail to remember work-related tasks. Being tired isn’t helpful when you try to get a promotion because you cannot focus and stay productive for a long period. 

The worst part is that when you’re tired, your hunger hormones awake and your brain loses its executive function. When you hit the supermarket, you’ll probably buy tons of candies, bags of chips, and other snacks you don’t usually buy. Don’t be surprised when you feel irritable and cranky because lack of sleep often disturbs your peace of mind. 

A good night’s sleep will solve all the above problems. Here is how to wind down for better sleep. 

Listen to music because it has a soothing effect

Rather than watching a new episode from your favourite TV series or to overthink the issues you are dealing with, you should play your favourite songs and relax while drinking a cup of tea. Classic music is known for its ability to lower blood pressure and reduce stress, but you can play any music that you like because it will lift your mood and help your mind quiet down. 

Limit the amount of alcohol and coffee you drink

To wind down during the night, you need to control the activities you do during the day. This means that you should exercise during the morning or noon, drink coffee in the morning, and consume a small amount of alcoholic beverages. You should try to stay away from foods and beverages that upset your stomach, especially in the evening. 

Melatonin can help you sleep better at night

CBD capsules with melatonin can improve your sleep patterns. These capsules are designed to help you rest at night and they are nutrient-dense. Ensure the products you use are free of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical fertilizers. 

Don’t read work-related emails before sleep

Don’t read or send any work-related emails after dinner. Each message you read requires a decision you have to make and it can cause anxiety and stress. You’re tired and you cannot process information, so you’ll work your mind extra to figure out what to do. Read a book instead, it will help you have a peaceful sleep. 

Yoga relaxes your body and mind

Yoga does not only relieve stress and anxiety, but it also improves sleep patterns. You should get a subscription to a local yoga studio if this is the first time you practice yoga because a trainer can help you execute the restorative positions that increase relaxation and relieve tension.  If you practised yoga before, you can check online what positions can improve your sleep and have a quick session before sleep. 

Another way to relax your body before sleep is bathing. Soak into warm water mixed with scented bath bombs and it will help you lower blood pressure and heart rate. Heat is known for its relaxing properties. It de-stresses your mind and relaxes your muscles.