Mandy Carlson

  • baby through c-section

    Getting To Know C-Section Risks And Complications

    You might not be expecting a cesarean section as part of childbirth, but it isn’t completely unheard of for a doctor to recommend one. They typically have valid reasons for doing so, but in the interest of safety most birth injury lawyers would recommend you know the potential risks ahead of time, as they could […]

  • man with a headache with a piles of paper on his table

    How working long hours can pose health risks

    All around the world, many people look at long hours dedicated to their career as proof of a strong work ethic. Although the average worker in the United States spends approximately 34.4 hours at their job per week, most people that work a full-time job spend about 47 hours per week at their job, and […]

  • unhappy young woman sitting beside the bed

    5 ways divorce can affect your health

    Divorce is often an exhausting, nightmarish experience to go through. While no two people experience this situation the same way, almost everyone has varying levels of mental, emotional, and physical reactions to it.  When stress levels are high enough, divorce can actually start impacting your health. Symptoms can range from interrupted sleep habits to negative […]

  • person with flowers mourning

    Facts about the 7 stages of grief

    Most people have heard about the seven stages of grief, but experiencing them is entirely different from knowing they exist. If you or a loved are experiencing grief after a loss, then better understanding each of the seven stages can help you or them through this time. Here are some important facts about the seven […]

  • pregnant belly

    Giving Birth During The Pandemic

    The Coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every facet of daily life, and giving birth to a newborn is no exception. Expecting mothers have enough on their plates during the best of times — making it to the hospital, undergoing labor, and as Kenneth Sieglman, an attorney for medical negligence points out, stressing over the health […]

  • drunk young woman

    The Signs And Causes Of Teen Alcohol Abuse

    Teen alcoholism is a widespread issue. According to the statistics on the matter, “just over 42% of American 10th graders reported drinking alcohol” in 2018, and, in the United States, “11% of the alcohol that is consumed is drunk by people between the ages of 12 and 20.” The effects of this are far reaching. […]

  • senior man cutting vegetables in kitchen

    5 Ways to stay fit after 50

    As the years go by, the same routines you followed in your 20s and 30s no longer work. You’ll start to notice the change in your 40s, but it’s going to hit home once you reach 50. Your body’s systems begin to change, muscle mass begins to decrease, and weight gain is common as you […]

  • first aid box

    Types and degrees of burn injuries

    Burn injuries, both mild and severe, are some of the most painful anyone can suffer. As severity increases, people are left permanently disfigured and their quality of life is diminished. That’s on top of thousands of dollars in medical care. In the healthcare industry, burns are categorized by type and degree to better address the […]

  • lady talking to a psychiatrist

    Taking care of your mental health at work

    Did you know that the average person spends 90,000 hours of their time working over their lifetime? On average, that’s half of all the time you spend awake. It’s no wonder that work is one of the largest contributors to stress.  Unfortunately, high levels of stress have a direct negative impact on your mental health. […]

  • elderly care

    The Struggle with Employee Turnover in Nursing Homes

    As the years go on, nursing homes are having an increasingly difficult time retaining staff. This leads to a decrease in quality of care for the residents who rely on these aides as well as financial strain for the homes, which also impacts their ability to provide for residents.  So, what is it that causes […]