Overspending on Booze? Here’s How to Drive Down the Bills

thought about how much you’d save if you stopped drinking alcohol? Let’s look
at some figures. Statistics indicate that the United Stated nightclub industry makes over $23.4 billion annually.
Mind you that doesn’t include the alcohol bought from liquor stores.

there’s nothing wrong in taking booze, it is important to watch how you spend
during a night out more so if you don’t have the cash to splash out. Okay, it’s easier said than done, but with a little commitment and
some ingenuity, it is doable. What follows are three tips that will free you
from spending too much on alcohol unnecessarily.

Invest in a Wine Cooler

Yes, a
wine cooler can help you save some money. See, with one in your house, you can
take advantage of promos to buy cheap liquor and drink it later. Besides, it
takes away the need to go to the club. Keep in mind that you’re likely to spend
more during a night out as opposed to sipping your favorite wine in your house.
And the beauty of it that you can keep your wine cool round the clock, so it’ll always be refreshing to
drink. Be sure to check the capacity of the unit you plan to purchase to ensure
it can handle your needs.

Use the Walmart Savings Catcher App

Here’s the
thing, hunting for discounts on beer is hectic. Do you even have the time to go
from one liquor store to the other looking for cheap booze? But, like we said,
with a little creativity, it is not that hard to find “beer deals” in the
comfort of your home.

One such
option is the Walmart Savings Catcher app. Compatible with both Android and
iOS platforms, the app allows you to compare prices on assorted beers with the
aim of helping you save money. You can leverage on the app functionality to
find affordable booze such the Virgil’s Micro Brewed Root Beer, 12 fl oz, (Pack
of 6), which is a couple of bucks cheaper than most online stores.

The best
part is, Walmart will give you an eGift Card if a local competitor has a lower
advertised price (for the difference).

Make the Booze Yourself!

This one
sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Why would you spend lots of cash on beer while you
can make some in the comfort of your home? Brewing beer at home works if you
hold large parties now and then. Apart from saving you money, it offers you a
chance to test your beer-tasting skills! How about that!

Of course,
to make booze to perfection at home, you need a good brewing kit. Again, hunt
deals on the kit too. This Homebrewing Kit by Coopers Brewery is affordable and
has a large capacity. It can brew up to 16 pints of craft beer. What’s more, it
comes with two brewing batches of extracts enough to brew 32 pints of beer.

Note – If
you’re just starting out home brewing, you’re better off with a starter kit.

Hit the Club Late

though this is a no-brainer, few stick to it. So, here’s the deal, if you must
go to a nightclub, start by drinking booze at home for a few hours. Here’s how
it works. Grab an NV Armon Medium Dry Concord New York 750 mL Red Wine. If
you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, just order from Prime Now and you’ll have the
beer deliver to your doorstep within two hours.

Sip the
wine, one glass at a time as you watch your favorite movie.
By the time you’re half the bottle, it’s already late, so you may start to
prepare for the club. The idea here is to arrive at the bar feeling tipsy,
drink another two or three beers and head back home. That way, you won’t spend

There’s a
catch though, make sure you don’t carry your debit or credit cards. Don’t carry
a lot of cash too. Otherwise, you may end up blowing up all your money, again!

There you
go. You don’t have to blow your budget in booze to have a good time. You only
need to be a little bit more creative.