The Top 5 Exercises to Help you Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat can be a very challenging thing to achieve. The stomach is one of the most difficult areas of the body to target, and can therefore cause a lot of frustration when results aren’t seen straight away. People are often lulled into a false sense of security that dieting alone will be effective in burning fat. Although this may prove to be true in the odd case, most people need to exercise alongside dieting in order to burn belly fat properly. That’s why we’ve come up with the five best exercises to help you lose belly fat. Also, if you’re interested in losing more weight, the therm line fast might be the perfect supplement for you.

1.       Crunches- Crunches are one of the most simple exercises to perform, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. You need to make sure you perform them in the correct manner, but if you do then there are no limits to the amount of fat you can burn. When performing crunches, don’t perform the full sit-up motion but instead just raise your back off the ground a few inches at a time; this ensures you won’t hurt your back. Your back should make an angle of around 30-40 degrees with the ground to ensure maximum pressure on your abdominal muscles.

2.       Bicycle Exercises- Contrary to the name of these kinds of exercises, you don’t actually need a bike to complete them. You simply have to lie on your back and keep your hands on your head as you do when performing crunches. Lift both legs off the ground and bend them at the knee- then all you have to do is work them in a paddling motion as though you really are riding a bike. This exercise really targets your stomach muscles and is extremely effective at burning belly fat at a quick rate.

3.       Planks- Planks are amongst the most useful exercises when it comes to burning belly fat. They are extremely easy to perform, although very difficult to master. Muscles around your abdomen, lower back and hips are all given a boost when performing planks, and you can fit them into any workout regime. There are a lot of variations to planks as well, with rolling planks just one option you can take up in order to mix up your workout and stop yourself getting bored whilst burning belly fat.

4.       Running- While this may sound like a stereotypical answer, it’s a simple fact that the best way to lose weight is by running. This burns more calories than any static workout and is amazing in conjunction with exercises like crunches and planks. If you perform these kinds of exercises before going for a run, your body will focus fat burning on your belly and make it much easier to shed the weight you want to.

5.       Swimming- Another cardio exercise which is very effective at helping you lose body fat is swimming. If you choose high-tempo strokes and go a few times a week, you’ll begin to notice both your belly losing weight and your full body toning. It’s a great exercise to reduce belly fat.