26 bodyweight exercises you can do at home

Let’s be honest: going to the gym isn’t always an option. If you’re struggling to find the time to go or the money to pay for that membership, here is a complete workout from CashNetUSA that requires nothing but your body.

Starting with heart

Cardio is great for your entire body but sometimes you don’t quite feel like going for a run. The good news is that there are home alternatives that will
raise your heartbeat.

1. Jumping jacks

Keep your core tight, back straight and feet light. Move quickly! Your goal is 3 sets and each set includes 30-second jumping jacks with 15-second rest.



1. Start with feet together, hands at sides, core engaged.

2. Now jump legs apart and bring arms overhead, clapping at the top.

3. Return to initial position and repeat as quickly as possible.