20 Yoga moves for pregnant women

by Maanasi Radhakrishnan

If you’re pregnant, you stand to gain innumerable health benefits by doing yoga exercises regularly throughout your pregnancy. It can keep you in good spirits, help you sleep better, prepare you, better for childbirth, minimize your aches and pains and prevent you from developing preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Doctors recommend that pregnant women exercise for about 30 minutes a day for about five days of the week. During your first trimester, women put on a few kilos, so exercise will make you more comfortable earlier in your pregnancy rather than later.

Mountain Pose

To do this exercise, stand with your legs close to each other and your big toes touching each other. Your heels should be a little apart from each other and you should have your hands by your sides. Now, pull your shoulder blades way down, widen your collarbones and align your head with your shoulders. Your chin should be parallel to the floor. Keep your pelvis and low back neutral. Hold this pose for about one minute, then repeat.